Exploring the Outdoors in Colorado


Colorado has many things for visitors to do and places for them to visit. There are so many activities that you probably could not do them all in one vacation. It is especially well known for the huge variety of outdoor adventures tourist can take part in, although they are also very popular with the locals as well.

It is said there are a lifetime of outdoor adventures in Colorado with its four national parks, sand dunes, deserts and canyons. There are hiking trails, fantastic photo opportunities with lots of stunning scenery and if you want to get around a bit quicker, there are bike rentals available in some of the places. The most important thing is that you take the time to explore in whatever way you are most comfortable with.

Maroon Bells – Snowmass Wilderness

When the aspen turns a vibrant yellow, this becomes one of the most photographed scenes in Colorado. You can also enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing when there is snow on the ground. Conundrum Hot Springs have a long and beautiful view across the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness. The Wilderness has become a very popular place for backpackers to wander around.

Grand Junction


If you want to go mountain biking in Colorado, Grand Junction has some of the best trails for this activity. There are 18 road trails and several off road ones. The season is long, as at Grand Junction they do not wait for the mountains to dry out after the winter.

Garden Of The Gods

Located just outside of Colorado Springs, the Garden of The Gods has rock spires and formations that create the feeling of being in wonderland.  It is smaller than some of the other outdoor adventure places, but you can still take part in hiking, rock climbing and horse riding.

Mesa Verde National Park


If you are a history buff that likes walking, then this is the place for you to travel to. Here you will see some of Colorado’s past with entire villages in the cracks of canyon walls.  Cliff Palace is the most popular as it is a huge complex built into the rock. Chapin Mesa is the starting point for many of the tours and Long House is almost as big as Cliff Palace, but not as popular.


Silverton is an Old West mining town that has plenty of mining history to explore, as well as one of the most scenic routes to get there.

Rocky Mountain National Park


This is the third most visited of Colorado’s national parks, with over 4 million visitors making their way there each year. It is not far from Denver, which makes it a perfect break for tourists and locals alike. You can spend a day hiking to Chasm Lake, which is just below the summit of Longs Peak, but the most popular hike is the one that takes you to Nymph, Dream and Emerald Lakes. Or you can explore some of the history of the Rocky Mountains at Lulu City or the Stanley Hotel.

Whether you are visiting Colorado or reside there, you will always find lots of outdoor adventures to take part in, no matter what the weather or the time of year.

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