Excellent Ways to Feed Your Brain and Body

We all know that we need food to live and that certain types and better for us than others - but what if there are other ways to ensure that our minds and bodies stay healthy? Besides from getting the right intake of certain foods as well as exercising on a daily basis, there is, in fact, even more you can do to look after yourself as you age.


The great thing about this is that everything that makes us happy tends to be good for both our body and our mind. It won’t really require a sacrifice from your side, in other words, and it will be a lot easier to stick to the kind of schedule that is good for you.

Here is a handful of excellent ways to take even better care of yourself in the coming months so that you can face the summer, feeling much more rejuvenated and content with yourself.

First: Get your diet straight

Let’s start with the most basic stuff first; some foods will definitely help you to feel a bit better about yourself and might even help to keep a light depression at bay. It’s all about chemistry, after all, and everything you feed yourself will contribute to this, in the end.

You could try to focus on a single diet, for example, that is known for its health benefits such as the Mediterranean diet. It is rich in olives, oils, and fish, which makes it the perfect combination of food that your brain will love. The grey matter is made up of mostly fat, in any way, so it kind of makes sense that healthy fats will help keep it sharp and active.

Think about types of fish that are relatively fatty, such as sardines, mackerel, and salmon - and fill your plate with these a couple of times per week.

Tufts University has published a study with evidence suggesting that blueberries can be helpful in delaying or improving short-term memory loss. It’s great news for the younger generation who is trying to prevent the loss of cognitive functions - as well as the older generation, in terms of improving their cognitive abilities again.

Remember that you need to get all of your vitamins as well, though, so make sure that you add a supplement if you suspect that your diet doesn’t give you everything you need. Have a look at shilajit resin, for example, for a great brain booster that will keep you going for a bit longer.

Spend time with others and socialise

When you’re feeling a bit down, it can be tough to get yourself out of the house to spend time with those you love - but it’s really important for your mental health. The problem is, of course, that we often ditch the social plans we have because of our mood which again, of course, just brings us even further down.

If you manage to keep in mind that socialising is incredibly important for your mental health, you might be able to find the energy you need to make those plans after all. Try to get a few of your friends over to your place instead, for example, if your energy levels are low. Afterwards, you might feel that your mood has improved greatly - and you’ll actually have the energy you need to get other things done as well.

Spending time with those we care about isn’t just great for our mental health, though, as it can actually also be good for your physical health as well. Your immune system will get a nice boost, for example, when you’re having fun with others and you will certainly help to keep your brain a lot sharper too.

You can have a look at this article to read more about all the amazing benefits of hanging out with those you love the most and enjoying a good laugh.

Play games and read books

Having fun and playing games is a great way to keep your brain sharp and your memory a bit stronger - as well as your body, of course. We’re not just talking regular exercise, though, even if this is great for both your brain and your body; while all games are great, even video games to a certain degree, the best ones involve puzzles, memory games, and chess.

As long as you can put your mind to work and find some time to ponder over different solutions, the better it will be for your mind. Do it in the company of others, by the way, and maximize the benefits of it as you’ll get some of that socialisation done as well.

Have a look at this article to learn about the best kind of games to improve your memory and treat yourself to some fun together with your loved ones. An elderly family member will definitely enjoy this - and you can prepare your head for those important exams while also taking care of your grandparent’s or your parent’s ability to remember.

Writing and reading are also fantastic hobbies for your mind, by the way. It will help you to relax a bit, first of all, as you’re focusing completely on what’s in front of you - but it will also help to boost your memory a bit and keep your brain sharp for longer.

Try to set a goal this year for how many books you’d like to read; write a list, for example, of the specific books and see if you’re able to complete it by the end of 2019.

Go dancing

Finally, you should try to think about the kind of exercise that will give both your brain and your body a good workout. In general, you should focus on those that require balance and/or coordination; dancing, tennis, and yoga are among those and they’re also a lot of fun to do.

Sign yourself up for some classes so that you’re able to spend time with others as well, and get those dancing shoes on right away. You definitely won’t regret it and will have a great new hobby to enjoy for the rest of your, perhaps even slightly longer, life.

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