Don't Miss Out On The French Onion Eggo Grilled Cheese



Now, there are those people who prefer waffles, and those who prefer pancakes. That argument can get pretty heated, but no one can deny the deliciousness of a well-made grilled cheese. We present you a new and innovative creation. Pancake lovers tread carefully but be open to this new and ultimate comfort food mix: The French Onion Eggo Grilled Cheese.

Kellogg’s Eggo is arguably the best-known waffle, and Clinton Hall is infamously known for their donut grilled cheese. They’ve decided to make history and create a cheesy mix of mozzarella, Swiss, and Gruyere - a cheese lover’s dream. And although grilled cheese is normally paired with a tomato soup – if any – this duo has taken a risk by trading out the tomato soup for the heartiness of a French onion one. It may sound odd and too risky to pair a cheesy goodness with a sharp tasting of onion, but we suggest you do not knock it ‘till you try this one!

This deal will be a month long exclusive for the duration of March at ALL of Clinton Hall’s five locations. We recommend planning ahead because the restaurants only have 20 (we know, it’s so sad) of these delicious $16 combos for customers daily.


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