Daily Stressors (And What To Do About Them)

No-one enjoys feeling stressed or overwhelmed, but sadly, these emotions are a part of modern-day life that we have come to expect. Luckily, if you can identify the source your stress, you can use the strategies for dealing with it that are discussed below.

You get up late.

The sad thing about getting up late is that is can ruin your whole day. After all, if you don't get up on time, you will have less time to get ready, to have a decent breakfast, and to get to your work or appointments punctually.

Of course, it's much better to prevent this from happening in the first place, and to do this you will need to deal with anything that is preventing you from sleeping.

This may include asking your OH to sleep separately for a few days so you can catch up on your Z’s, or taking some time to meditate before bed so you can clear your mind and calm your nervous system. You could also try removing an uncomfortable and lumpy mattress and replacing it with a new one that is supportive and soft.

It may even mean that you need to get noise and audiology issues that you are suffering from such as tinnitus sorted. Something you can learn more about by clicking the link. Then you will be able to drift off to sleep at a decent time and not worry about waking up every 5 minutes!

Although, if the damage has already been done and you haven't managed to get a great night's sleep, or slept past your alarm there are things you can do too.

One is to grab an on the go breakfast in the form of a bar or smoothy, so you're setting yourself up for the day, but not taking up too much time. You may even consider an alternative form of transport like getting a taxi instead of the train to make sure you beat the rush and still arrive to work punctually.

Your boss is demanding.


Demanding boss stressing you out?

Now, most bosses will be demanding at one time or another; it's part of their job. Sadly, the way that they do this can have a tremendous effect on our stress levels. Even sadder is the realization that we as individuals have very little control over how other people act, especially if they are in a position of power, and this means it can be incredibly difficult to resolve this sort of situation, something that can cause a shed load of stress.

However, difficult doesn't mean impossible, and there are some things you can do. First of all, it's always a go idea to have a quiet word with a boss that is being too demanding.

Don't do it in front of others though, because they are likely to want to save face in front of the rest of the team. If your complaints aren't taken seriously, you can try speaking to their boss and raise your concerns with them, or you can do your best to ignore the situation and keep working at a steady and reasonable pace. Of course, if the situation gets terrible, you can always ask for a transfer or find a new position, but is better to try and resolve the issue before it gets to this point, first.

You have loads of tasks to do in the evening.


A major stressor for many people is that after a long day at work they have a big old list of things to do in the evening when they get home. Things like cooking dinner, washing, ironing, tidying, cleaning etc. etc.

Of course, these are necessary tasks, but that doesn't mean you can't lighten your load somewhat to reduce the level of stress you are under. To help with this you can attempt to get as many of these jobs done at the weekend, so when the week rolls around you only have a few things to worry about.

It can also be helpful to pick one thing to complete each night and then stop afterwards to ensure you get enough rest and downtime. Also, don't forget that there are many ways that you can ensure you cook and eat a delicious and healthy meal that don't mean you are chained to the kitchen for the entire evening. Such methods include using a meal delivery box, pre-prepping your meals, or eating lighter meals in the evening that only take minimal preparation and don't cause you so much stress to make or clear up.


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