Celebrating International Women's Day, One Dish At A Time.

By Aura "Kymi" Manjarrez

Food is the highest form of art. It is art that you experience with all five senses, everywhere, all the time. The Internationality of it makes it an even broader form of expression, and in the cosmopolitan heart of the United States, it is no different.

Chef Sarah Nelson

Chef Sarah Nelson

With this piece we intend to celebrate those women who help put smiles on the faces of every person who so happens to stumble into their NYC Restaurants, not only to congratulate them on their incredible work but also on the fact that they made it big in an industry primarily dominated by men.

In this, the International Women's Day, we render tribute to three empowering individuals who are eager for you to stop by sometime and allow them to share their passion and hard work with you.

 Chef Sarah Nelson, Executive Chef of Beauty & Essex and VANDAL (NYC)

Originally from Libertyville, Illinois, Chef Sarah’s passion for food started from a young age when she would help maintain her family’s acre of land and home garden. After school, traveling throughout Europe, and working her way up through many kitchens in the U.S., one move to NYC landed her a dream role as Executive Chef of Celebrity Chef Chris Santos’ Lower East Side restaurants, Beauty & Essex and VANDAL.

Nelson’s admiration of food lead to a keen interest in the ways that food affected the body and diseases. Having originally studied Food Science and Human Nutrition, this has carried on through her work in the kitchen and to this day she takes pride in experimenting with creating vegan and gluten free menus and other dishes that can benefit the body in unique ways.

 Chef Adrienne Gutterri, Executive Chef of Trademark Taste + Grind

Chef Adrienne Guttieri is a New York native, ­born and raised in Broad Channel, Queens (The Rockaways). Adrienne studied Italian Cuisine at the Italian Culinary Academy, and in Colorno, Italy. Guttieri, was just 27 when she accepted In Good Company Hospitality's invitation to be their opening Executive Chef at Trademark Taste + Grind.

Growing up surrounded by Italian food and her mother’s amazing cooking, Adrienne was always set on being a Chef and headed straight to the source to chase her dream. Chef Guttieri is proving that hard work, skills, and attitude are the key to earning an Executive Chef title before the age of 30. As of just 5 years ago, less than 7% of head chef roles were filled by women. Chef Guttieri and her female colleagues are an example that the industry is growing and changing!

Cara Thompson, Executive Chef at Mr. Purple at Hotel Indigo Lower East Side (NYC)

Cara Thompson

Cara Thompson

After conquering culinary school, this Alabama native established herself within the industry through many years in the kitchen at well-known restaurants around the country. Throughout her career, Chef Cara has appeared on multiple Food Network shows, with a win under her belt on Chopped. Today, Cara holds the role of Executive Chef at New York City’s wildly popular rooftop bar, Mr. Purple.

A true leader in the kitchen, Chef Cara holds a huge importance to cultivating a learning and teaching environment for her staff. Plus, with a unique background of experience from Japanese to Southern cuisines, Chef Cara prides herself in creative plate presentations and techniques.

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