Autumn Wardrobe Essentials for Men

By Helen Bradford

The transition from summer to fall is never easy – even if you spent the summer in the office, it still did offer an illusion of something careless, while autumn means it will soon get cold, and not many people genuinely look forward to that. What we can look forward to, though, is an opportunity to upgrade our wardrobe. Even if you hate shopping, there are essential pieces men should have in their wardrobe – take a look at our guide, and prepare a pen to catch notes.



A blazer is a perfect piece of transition clothes, when the sun starts to go down earlier. You can opt for a light piece in brushed cotton that will slot among other layers, or a heavier one. Heavier blazers made of tweed, wool, herringbone or camel hair are meant to keep you warm – but also add style and charm to your outfit. When it gets really cold, we suggest opting for a heavy blazer that will keep the wind and cold off your back.


Gray Flannel Trousers


These trousers will likely be the most versatile pair of trousers in any man’s wardrobe. They can be worn dressed up or dressed down, depending on the other pieces of the outfit. With a Tee or a jumper, they are as casual as possible; on the other hand, combined with a blazer or a shirt, they are perfect enough for work and perhaps even a cocktail party. When buying these, make sure they are heavy enough to keep you warm – and also light enough for daily wear. If you opt for those blended with cashmere, they may be the comfiest pants you will ever wear.


Cashmere Sweater

Okay, we get it – you might have avoided cashmere so far because it comes with a hefty price. But in the case of this fabric, it really does have everything to do with the quality and being long-lasting. Cashmere is soft and warm, and yes, sometimes it can be a hassle, as you cannot just toss it into the washing machine. But wearing it over an oxford shirt or on its own will prove to be an excellent investment, and you’ll be wearing it for years to come. Keep an eye on various retailer and grab it when discounted, then enjoy the luxurious sweater and you’ll be wondering how on Earth you’d been managing without it.

 A Tailored Suit


Whatever your dress code at work is, you really need to own a suit. Actually, you need to own more than one. A great place to start is a petrol blue, single-breasted option. But if you are looking at this paragraph in disbelief because entering a suit shop would be like entering... well, a store full of goods you know nothing about, don’t worry – tailors have got your back. If you have no idea where to start, opting for custom tailored suits can be an ideal solution. Apart from getting a suit, you’ll learn about fits and styles and taking care of your garments.


The Comfiest Hoodie in the World

That is, any hoodie you can get your hands on. Some days you will prioritize comfort over looking nice, and that’s a-okay. During weekend getaways and just any casual settings, you can look great even in a hoodie, especially if they’re a slimmer fit. It doesn’t mean tight, just a version that is not able to keep three grown dogs underneath. Wear it with a bomber jacket, or a chore coat.


Good boots

Footwear makes the wardrobe complete, especially if it’s good footwear. For fall, opt for suede boots that are classy and comfortable. The great thing about these is that you can make them as dressy or as casual as you’d like. The good color for this period of the year is tan, which masks stains very well. Good suede boots are durable, so make sure you include them on your shopping list this fall.

How many items off this list do you already possess? Inspect your wardrobe and see what’s missing. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade, and even if you hate shopping, invest an afternoon in finding good pieces – it will definitely have a high return on investment.

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