A look at this envy-inducing style with the perfect bag

Over the years bags have evolved from being a simple way to carry items to a fashion statement. On red carpets most of the bags and clutch purses pictured don't necessarily hold any property or item, these bags are a way to spice up your outfit and turn your look from drab to fab. The information you need to acquire is on how to style a bag. There are several types of bags. We will be outlining some of these bags and informing you of the situations they are suitable for.

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Backpacks - These are bags that you carry on your book. They were mainly for students who needed to carry books from one place to another but now the backpack has evolved. There are really big backpacks and tiny backpacks that can only hold a phone or a bottle of water. Backpacks are a nice and practical way to spice up your outfit. This is best worn while wearing a casual outfit. Perhaps with jeans and a t-shirt. Backpacks, no matter how fancy, are not acceptable in a professional environment but they can be worn in practically any other type of social event.

Handbags - These are a favorite of many ladies. Handbags come in several shapes and sizes. Handbags can be worn on the shoulder or they can be held by the hand. The best way to wear a handbag is to make sure its colour does not upset the flow of your outfit. Monochrome handbags are the safest way to go. The are three classic colours of handbags which are black, dark brown and light brown. These colours can be worn alongside almost any other colour. Your bag is meant to compliment your dressing not upset it. When picking the perfect handbag you have to take into consideration the kind of event you'll be attending. If you're going to a dinner party, a smaller handbag would be preferable. If you're going out to run errands or going to work a bigger handbag is a practical choice. This will help you store a lot of items.

Briefcase - Although this type of bag is mostly carried by men, there are gender-neutral briefcases. A briefcase is a great way to carry lots of papers, unlike most binders you can zip it up and also carry other items. Briefcases used to be much larger before the wave of minimalism. If you're going shopping for a briefcase be sure to buy one in a neutral colour. Also, make sure that your briefcase isn't unnecessarily bulky. Pick slim and modern designs. Briefcases are great for office and professional environments where you need to transport papers or books from one place to another.

Satchel - The Satchel bag shares many similarities with the briefcase. Their major difference is in the feel. Briefcases are often hard while Satchels are softer. Satchels can also be worn across the shoulders. It is a great way to carry books and it is a practical substitute of the traditional school bag.

Shoulder bag - These are small bags with long straps. They're very easy to carry because of their small size. Although they are not the best choice for day to day activities, they are perfect for parties and other social events. To be on the safe side you can purchase one shoulder bag with chain straps and another with leather straps. This is to provide you with a choice whenever you decide you use one. If you're wearing a bright outfit it is advisable to pick a shoulder bag with leather straps. However, if your outfit is monochrome in colour you can always spice it up with a shoulder bag that has chain straps.

Clutch Purses - Clutch purses are very sophisticated and chic bags. Some people argue that they should not be called bags because they have no straps. However, most clutch purses have detachable straps. Clutch purses are well suited for dinner parties. They are more of fashion statement which makes them highly favoured on red carpets and award shows. The Clutch purse goes splendidly well with evening wear and dresses.

Tote Bag - These a large bags that have medium length handles. Usually, these bags don't have zips or fasteners. They're often very cute and engraved with colorful designs and patterns. This makes tote bags perfect for carefree and relaxed days. These bags are perfect for shopping trips because of their size. They can also be used as overnight bags.

Duffel Bag - Duffel bags are generally defined as cylindrically shaped bags with a closure at the top. These bags are often used as travelling bags, kit bags or gym bags. Not all duffel bags have the top closure. Modern duffel bags by sports brand have branched out into other shapes such as the rectangle shaped duffel bags. These bags are the best accessory when going to a gym. They're fashionable and they keep your clothes and equipment nice and warm.

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Travel bags - Gone are the days where travel bags were solely for luggage. New travel bags sport personalised engravings, pictures and patterns that will make you the envy of the flight.

These are examples of some of the bags used frequently or semi-frequently. Some others include laptop bags, the now trending fanny packs and some others. The key to picking the right bag is coordination. If you're struggling with finding the perfect bag you can check out Folsom and co bags for quality and modern bags.

When your outfit is bright, there's no need to accessorise it with an equally bright bag. Your bag doesn't need to be humongous or dripping into gold engravings to be considered sophisticated. Less is more, go minimal. Don't be afraid to personalise your bags by adding keychains or extra zip handles. No matter the trend you choose to follow, make it personal. The easiest way to stand out is by being yourself and being confident in yourself. Your style should originate from you. Who knows? You might inspire the next trend.

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