New App Helping Everyone Stay in Style

By Daniel Rung

New app Recharge a mobile app that started in San Francisco has now spread to the New York market as well. The app helps the user rent rooms in luxury hotels for brief stays, from a few minutes to a few hours.  


The app is almost similar to Uber, prices fluctuate during the day and prices increase depending on the level of luxury the hotel is you’re looking to book. Originally hotels were uneasy about doing hourly rentals, mostly in fear of them being used for nefarious purposes. Recharge is completely rebranding the idea of an hourly hotel rental. The people who are mostly using the app are people with layovers between flights, people searching for a new location for a business meeting, and self-employed people looking for a fresh space. 
According to Recharge although the app is only available in two cities as of now they plan to expand to new markets soon.