Under the Mistletoe… and More: Be Prepared to Go Home for the Holiday’s

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Going home for the holidays means spending time with the people you love... sometimes in your childhood bed. Whether it’s the holly jolly feelings that surround us or the need to stay warm when enduring cold temperatures, the fact is that people have sex more often in December.

Men’s wellness company hims looked at the data surrounding sex during the Christmas season, and their findings reveal that we are doing much more than simply kissing under the mistletoe. Take a look at how you can be prepared to get busy while home for the holiday season.

Don’t let your surroundings impact performance

When home for the holiday’s you are likely sleeping in yours or your partner’s childhood bed, with parents and siblings sleeping nearby. All of these factors can lead to some performance anxiety.

There are measures you can take in advance to ensure that the surroundings you find yourself in at night won’t affect your time in bed. Having a performance aid such as sildenafil can help to make sure your stockings aren’t the only things put up with care. 

If you’re still paranoid about your surroundings and who might be listening from down the hall, make sure the door is locked or at least has something heavy in front of it so you don’t get any surprise or abrupt interruptions. It’s also a good idea to do some basic soundproofing, like placing a heavy blanket or towel in front of the crack at the bottom of the bedroom door to help block noise from leaving the room.

Set the mood

The holiday season is a special and outright magical time of year. Therefore, the mood you set for you and your partner should express that. Adding some small decorations to your childhood room can help make it more welcoming, thus helping your partner feel more relaxed in being there.

Something as simple as hanging some strands of Christmas lights can set a relaxing mood by providing soft lighting. Lighting a holiday scented candle can add to the soft lighting while adding a festive touch through the scent. You can also play a Christmas music playlist. Not only will the music be relaxing, but it can also help mask any other noise just in case you’re having a not-so-silent night.

Have some holiday fun

Christmas-time is also a very fun and festive time of year, a perfect time to spice things up and try something new. Even if you’re in yours or your partner’s childhood bedroom.

Thinking of ways to have fun and try something a little bit new with your partner during the Christmas season can help to take the anxiety of your surroundings away. Wearing Santa-esque pieces of clothing like boxers for men or a robe for women and embracing those roles can help you jingle bell rock the room all night long.

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