Inside The Top Floors of Brooklyn's Tallest Building

Hub, the new 55-story residential skyscraper, and currently the tallest building in Brooklyn, has just revealed its very top floors with a newly completed penthouse model unit, and the grand opening of the building’s airy and beautifully-designed amenity space known as the Sky Lounge.


Located on the 53rd floor, the indoor/outdoor Sky Lounge, which opened to residents earlier this month, features plentiful seating, a bar area, an outdoor terrace and breathtaking panoramas of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and beyond. Penthouse apartments at Hub (with bigger layouts, upgraded finishes and stunning views) recently started leasing – and momentum has been strong.

Inside Penthouse 52C features condo-like finishes including: 10+ ceilings, kitchens are appointed with Caesarstone counter tops and carrara marble back splashes, Bertazzoni range and built-in microwave, panelized Bosch refrigerator and dishwasher, custom Italian cabinetry, master bathrooms feature Ruscello marble tile, oversized trough sink. All homes have a washer and dryer, 5' wide oak wood flooring, and custom window shades.

Amenities include a 75-foot year-round lap pool, lushly landscaped sundeck and lawn, grilling cabanas, a fully-equipped gym & yoga studio, bike storage, indoor and outdoor movie screens, programmed events in the club lounge, a dog run, children's playroom, party room, and library. Hub's 53rd floor features a sky lounge and terrace with breathtaking panoramic views.

Current monthly rent is asking $3,933 a month.

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Is It Better To Build A Home Than Buy One?

Buying a house is the biggest investment you’re going to make in your life so naturally, you’re going to spend a long time trying to find the perfect place that suits all of your needs. But what if you can’t find it? You’re getting close but you just can’t find a property that is absolutely right for you. You’ve got two options here; settle for a house that’s almost perfect or build your own. Most people don’t consider building their own home when it’s time to move but in some cases, it’s a far better option. However, building your own home isn’t always the most sensible move and it all depends on your personal circumstances. If you’re toying with the idea of building your own home and you’re not sure whether it’s the right thing to do, check out this list of the benefits and drawbacks to help you decide.


Get Exactly What You Want

The biggest benefit of building your own home is that you’ll get exactly what you want. If you buy an existing home, you’re buying somebody else's vision of a great house. It might line up with your idea of a great home to some extent, but there will always be things that you wish were different. But if you get a custom home builder to construct a house from scratch, everything will be exactly as you want it to be. You can plan every single tiny detail of the house and make it the ideal place for you and your family to live in. You’re never going to get that with an existing house, even if you make a lot of changes to it.

Live In A Unique House

Most commercially built houses have a similar shape and layout. That’s just how houses are, but they don’t have to be. When you build your own house, you don’t have to follow any of the conventions of normal houses. You can come up with any design you like and make it a reality. Nobody else in the world will live in a house like yours.

Time And Money

There are some great benefits to building your own house but it’s not all good news. The time it takes is a big drawback. If you’re buying a house, you can probably sign all of the paperwork and be ready to move in a couple of months after choosing a house. If you’re building your own, it’s probably going to be more like a couple of years. If your current house is way to small, or has a lot of problems, staying for that long might not be a viable option.

The money is also an issue because it’s going to cost you more to build a house than buy an existing one. However, you’ll get more resale value out of it so it is a good investment.


Planning and building a house takes a whole lot of hard work. It’s going to be a year or two of long days, seven days a week. Finishing work and then heading straight to the site to do work on the house is incredibly draining and some people just can’t handle that stress. Before you take on the project, make sure that you fully understand what it is that you’re letting yourself in for.

Building your own house is going to be a long, expensive, and stressful process. But if you really want a home that’s perfect for you in every single way, it’s the best thing to do.

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Playing Your Property The Smart Way


Property has long sat at the top of the investment pile. This valuable commodity is almost impossible to live without in the modern world, with the vast majority of people either owning or borrowing a building to live in. Giving it the chance to flourish regardless of the economy, this makes homes into a great way to make some money, but you have to play your cards right. To give you the push you need to make the most from your property investment, this post will be exploring some tips which can maximise the return you get at the end of it. Of course, though, you have to start in the right place, and this means doing some learning.

Learning The Market

The real estate market is always on the move, with prices going up and down, and the level of effort you have to put in being dictated by consumers. Thankfully, giving yourself a quick education in this field is easier than ever. Most of the tools you need for something like this can be found for free, though it could be worth paying for some support if you plan to do a lot of DIY but don’t have any experience. Below, you can find some examples of the sort of places you should be looking for this information.

Blogs: Blogs like this one can be a very powerful resource in a complex field like this. Being written by professionals and enthusiasts, they can give you a great insight into the work you’ll have to do to get the very best price for your property. It’s always worth doing some background research to make sure that you’re not being led astray, as this environment can be very challenging, and it could hurt your chances if you follow bad advice.

Real Estate Agents: There are few better places to go for help selling your home than the people who will be making money from selling it. Companies like this often have decades of experience, giving them a wealth of knowledge about their work, while also enabling them to get an insider scoop. They will be very honest if you ask them what you could do to improve the return on the place.

Video Services: Paying for training or a course is all well and good, but this will eat into the money you make on your first property. Instead, using a website like YouTube can be just as effective, without costing you a penny, and you probably have access to it already. There are hundreds of channels devoted to subjects like DIY and real estate. This enables you to find content which is genuinely helpful, without having to spend a long time searching for it.


Once you feel confident about your knowledge of the real estate market, you will be ready to begin the process of your first investment. Buying a property can often be a daunting process. Very few people have a lot of experience in this area, and you will probably have to do some of your learning on the fly, adding a big challenge to the project. To make this a little simpler, you can find a selection of tips below which will, with any luck, push your property investment to new levels.

Watch The Trends: Knowing which property sizes and types are the most popular, the locations which make it easiest to sell, and places which have a lot of development going on can be invaluable when you’re getting into property investment. Figuring this out could a little bit of time browsing the web. Of course, though, much of the process will involve spending time at a computer, and this will give you the chance to keep an eye out for any changes.

Sign Up For Updates: There are a lot of real estate companies out there, with a lot of them having their own websites. When they have this resource, they will also often offer automatic updates tools which can tell you when new properties come up for sale, saving you the effort of checking them each day. If you’re able to do this with a comparison site or two, you could give yourself a great advantage, and it won’t cost anything in the process.

Go To Auction: Saving money on property isn’t always an easy process. You won’t find coupon codes, and there are few places which have options for people on a strict budget. At this point, you have two options; buy something small or go to auction. The latter option is preferable, as it will usually provide the best savings, while also giving you the power to boost your return. Of course, it’s always worth researching an auction before going to it.

Don’t Be Afraid: Being a business, most people will want to get the very best deal for their home, and this means that you might have to fight for yourself if you want to save money. Having the confidence to make a low deal can often clinch a sale, while also boosting your mood for the next time around. If you get rejected, it’s usually best to move onto the next place, as this will help you to avoid making compromises which you’d rather avoid.


Once you have a place under your belt, you will be ready to make any improvements which will help it to sell for a little bit more. The best route to go down at this stage will be things which are skin deep. Replacing things like radiators or windows will rarely have a big impact on the value of a place, whereas a new kitchen will make people much happier to move in. To help you to achieve this goal, you can find some improvements tips below.

Go Secondhand: With a lot of homes going for rustic feel at the moment, you have the chance to use secondhand goods to your advantage. Websites like eBay often have listings for whole kitchens, including all of the units you’d need, along with work surfaces and other components. You can find an array of other options like this around the web, making the process of improving your property much cheaper.

DIY: While it can take a lot time and effort, doing as much of this work as possible yourself will make the whole process much cheaper. With the help of the research you did at the start, you should already have a good grasp of DIY, and will know how to handle a lot of the jobs which are thrown at you. Of course, it could be a good idea to get someone on board who has some experience, giving you the chance to watch and learn.


Finally, as the last part of the process, but possibly the most important, it’s time to think about selling your property. There are a lot of ways to make more money at this stage, and a lot of people struggle to get it right. In the half hour or so visitors will spend in your home when they are considering buying it, they won’t have much of a chance to see past the top layers. This gives you the chance to make a real difference with very little extra investment.

Presentation: People will rarely visit for very long during a viewing, and this makes the time they spend there crucial. They have to be wowed by your property, seeing it in its best light, and this makes presentation very important. To make the most of this, you should work hard to make the place look like a show home. Not a lot of people put this sort of effort in, giving you the perfect way to distinguish your property.

The Method Of Sale: Along with making the property look great, the method of sale you choose to get rid of it will also impact the return you can hope to get. A traditional agent can cost a small fortune, forcing a real estate investor like yourself to look down other avenues. Nowadays, you can find companies around the web which can buy properties at the drop of a hat, without expecting it to be in perfect shape. Being able to turn something over this quickly is a rare gift in this sort of market.

The Agent: Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about the agent or company you choose to get rid of your property and turn it into cash. You should always read reviews of professionals like this, giving yourself the chance to find the very best, while avoiding options which could hurt your chances of success. Of course, it isn’t always easy to find the best examples, but it will be worth the effort.


Hopefully, this post will give you everything you need to get started in the world of property investment. Playing this game to win is very important when you want to make money from it, especially when you consider how competitive it can be. This shouldn’t be cause for concern, though, as you already have what you need begin, and simply need to take the first step.

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A House by the Sea: What to Do Before Investing in Overseas Property


Whether you are planning on moving abroad or looking for a place where you can go on holiday, an overseas property may be on your mind. Buying a property is a difficult enough decision when you are in your own country, but when you don’t know the specific rules and regulations of a region, it is made all the more challenging. You need to make sure that you are fully prepared for what you are letting yourself in for, especially if you don’t have a great deal of experience in this new country. So, here are just a few of the top considerations which are worth bearing in mind.


What Are Your Reasons for Buying a Property Overseas?

First of all, you should have your reasons for buying an overseas property firmly in mind before starting. This will have a knock-on impact on all your future decisions, and it makes sense that you are confident in your reasoning. If you are planning on buying a home for investment purposes, you need to think about all of the financial implications carefully. However, if you are buying a place with the view of one day living in it, you will want to look closer at the neighbourhood, facilities, features of the property etc.

Do Your Research Online

The internet provides the ideal platform on which you can start to research property prices, facilities etc, Check out different property websites from the particular country or region such as As well as pictures, there are plenty of websites which also allow you to take tours of your potential new property. Of course, you will want to visit in person as well to get a proper impression of what the place is like, but the internet is a fantastic tool which gives you an overview.  

Finance and Funding

You will go in with a clear idea of what budget you have set for yourself, but you may still find that securing funding is not the easiest thing in the world. After all, it will be subject to local laws and is likely to be discussed in terms of local currency. Explore all of your financing and funding options carefully before settling on the right one for you. It is likely that you are going to need to rely upon local financial professionals to guide you through this process.

Overcome the Language Barrier

You may not intend to relocate permanently, but there is still going to be a language barrier which you need to overcome. And you don’t want any miscommunications to cause issues to any agreements which you put in place. So, you may need to hire a professional interpreter or a legal professional who is able to communicate in both languages.

Research Location and Local Amenities


So far, we have mainly talked about the practical elements of purchasing a property, but you don’t want to forget about the location as well. If you are planning on living there, you need to think about what you are looking for in an area such as transportation links, schools, low crime rate and plenty of entertainment options. If you are buying a holiday home, some of the previous categories may be the same, but you may be looking for more specific qualities like your proximity to the beach. And even if you are buying a property as an investment, you need to think about what sort of people will be renting from you and how easy it will be to sell in the future. Ideally, you should go to visit the area yourself to get the best idea of what it is like and how well you are going to fit into the local community. Whatever the case, you are unlikely to want to venture too far off the beaten track.

Safeguarding Your Property

Safeguarding your property mainly becomes an issue if you are not planning on living there. If you are buying a holiday home or one for investment purposes, it is likely that it will be left empty for a big proportion of the year. So, when you are organizing the security situation, you need to be forward-thinking in your approach. One solution which many people choose to take is to hire a local property management firm to take care of their house for them. Of course, this is going to require some additional investment, but it can help to protect your assets in the long-run.

Think About Your Exit Strategy

When you are in the planning stages of buying a property abroad, it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all. But you also need to be practical at the same time. Even the best-laid plans can sometimes go wrong, so it is worth considering your exit strategy sooner rather than later. If you are planning to relocate, you shouldn't automatically assume that you are going to stay in your new country in the long-run. Maintaining close ties at home can end up helping you out in a big way. If you are an investor, you need to keep your eyes peeled in checking out the global real estate market, as well as the wider economic trends. You may suddenly find that you have an unexpected need to sell up or else change strategy somewhere down the line.  

Buying an overseas property is a big commitment and one which you shouldn’t enter into lightly. But whatever reason you are doing it for, it is much more likely to be a success if you plan this venture carefully. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some food for thought and covered off some of the main issues which you need to bear in mind. Ultimately, you need to go in with a clear head and not get swept away by your emotions. Practical planning will help you lay down the blueprints to enjoying success in your venture.  

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Our Favorite Listing: The Only Rooftop Pool in the Hamptons

In the Hamptons, it doesn’t get any better than a rooftop pool and an ocean view. Modern and marvelous, this $8.49 million property comes with a 12-foot-by-28-foot pool with the best views in Montauk.

 Photos courtesy of Douglas Elliman

Photos courtesy of Douglas Elliman

Sited on an acre and perched high on a hill overlooking the Atlantic, the 5,700-square-foot home is a swimmer’s fantasy and a designer’s dream. Walls of glass feature truly panoramic views, adding to the allure of this five-bedroom, five-and-one-half-bath modern masterpiece. Represented by Andrew Azoulay and Dana Brockway of Douglas Elliman, and Chris Coleman of Saunders, the property features beautifully landscaped grounds protected by mature indigenous trees, an expansive rooftop deck, luxe interiors and amenities and top-of-the-line construction and systems. Architecture and construction by West Chin Architects, Designers and Decorators, and Tom Abraham of Abraham Development, respectively.

Off The MRKT Montauk

Andrew Azoulay & Dana Brockway at Douglas Elliman is the listing agent. For more information click here

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Walk Through 240 Riverside Blvd APT. PH-SUITE2

This week we are taking a virtual look through 240 Riverside Bldd PH Suite 2 a 3-bedroom/4.5-bathroom penthouse with nearly 5,000 SF of interior space and over 500 SF of private outdoor space. The unit is curently listed for $22,000,000

Virtual open house is powered by GeoCV.

Elevators open onto the suite’s private landing and hallway, providing two entrances to the residence, ideal for entertaining purposes. Immediately upon entering, one is dazzled by the dramatic views of the river and city skyline, framed by massive walls of windows double height open Loggia and soaring ceilings.The eat-in chef’s kitchen sits off the foyer, complete with high-end appliances, breakfast bar and ample space for a table and chairs for informal dining.

The grand living room spans over 70 feet across western side of the residence, bordered by a magnificent loggia/terrace with double height ceilings and imposing columns that frame images of the river and skyline, and the ultimate “corner office” sits beyond the living room, also offering unobstructed views to the north and west.

Tucked in the northwest corner, the secluded Master Bedroom suite provides a private sanctuary, with two full bathrooms, and two separate dressing rooms, and boasts a view that spans Riverside Park, the George Washington Bridge, and Central Park.

Two additional bedrooms and two full bathrooms and are situated to the south/eastern wings of this truly remarkable New York City residence.

Off The MRKT

Leighton Candler, Elizabeth Higgins & Jennifer Reardon at Corcoran are the listing agents.

For more information click here

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Dubai Opera House - An Exceptional Setup of Global Race

Dubai is capable of creating something unimaginable, and that's the reason why it holds the most impressive synthetic delights of this world. This particular benchmark metropolis props up key to the majority of smart and intriguing concepts by a man given its value by technologies and sources.

The most recent feather in this city’s hat is without a doubt the Dubai Opera House. This phenomenal dhow-shaped development is a radiant ethnic neighborhood and an occasions spot in the deluxe downtown area of the community. Opera house Dubai is designed to motivate the proficient local performers and promote the ethnic range of the worldwide race.

Here’s all you need to know about this newly built Dubai Opera House.

luxury villas.jpg

Being referred to as a new ethnic symbol of Dubai, Dubai Opera is undoubtedly a spectacular 2,000 seat area together with multi-formats for example concerts, theater shows, opera, art shows, sports activities, movie, and orchestra, in addition to many other periodic shows. So, let us know more about this house that has enhanced the artistry living of Dubai.

The Style and design

This house is stimulated by the ocean-going customs of this city. This house is developed in the form of the conventional sailing boat of the Arabs. The particular design is influenced with the traditional dhows fabricated from solid wood and are renowned for their adaptability and power. It has for ages been legendary with the particular dhow stream of Dubai, and today it’s used the shape of this Dubai Opera house.

The Formatting

The spectacular Dubai Opera House is basically made up of 3 platforms which will support live performance shows, movie theater, as well as the ‘flat-floor’ setting, targeted to arrange events and occasions. The particular formats tend to be directed to provide the maximum versatility in order to easily cater to shows, activities, popular amusement concert events, Arab-speaking and world popular music shows, kids show, theatrics, as well as some other types of ethnic shows. This House is constructed with an intention to provide a creative perspective and drive the world travel and leisure towards artwork and popular music. Moreover, an informative article posted to a's blog will guide you the rest of the things about Dubai Opera House.

The Venue

The locality of this Dubai Opera is smartly placed in the downtown area of Dubai. The particular Opera district of the downtown area Dubai features Burj Khalifa also is the tallest synthetic development in the world, combined with the Burj recreation area and the well-known Dubai Fountain. The Opera district targets the advancement of regional and international disciplines exchange by way of presenting the rising and proven talented performers. The whole area is also established to offer high-end resorts, serviced and noncommercial condominiums, a retail industry plaza, amusement parks, entertainment areas and beautiful beachfront promenades.

The Dubai Opera House details:

Perfectly located at the middle of town center Dubai, this House was in place for a great opening for the people on August 31st, 2016. As the most interesting point remains that out of the two thousand seats, at least 800 seats can be gone, moved or covered as per will over the three format settings; here are a few of some other best unfamiliar Dubai Opera house details you should know about.

Began In 2013, It Had Taken A Bit More Than Three Years to Get Successfully Completed

This House had been started out in   2013, and it was successfully completed in a period of slightly over three years. Goodness me, you think that three years is a very long time. Most certainly, the very best of the Sydney opera house had taken a tremendous 25 years to complete, therefore while in comparison to that, Dubai achieved this brilliant project quickly.

It Features A   2000 Seats Available, Out of Which 800 Can Be Revised

The place as a whole has 30 high-grade boxes that can easily cater to 184 Very important personnel visitors altogether and other than that, this house features a sitting capacity of two thousand people. The fascinating part is actually, while this house is in a live performance setting the sitting capacity can certainly be adjusted to 915 in the particular booth, 529 in the lavish elliptical, as well as 457 in Souverain circle which makes it a maximum of 1901 seat tickets instead of two thousand. Some other seats tend to be made in a manner to be moved to a subterranean shed. In the same way, in its show setting, you will see as many as 889 seating in the booths, 529 in the particular circle, and also 457 in the regal elliptical, which makes it a maximum of 1875 seats.

In the Shape of a Dhow Sail, This May Change It into Multiverse of Locations

Made for the free utilization of the sophisticated high-tech as well as hydraulic technologies, this dhow-shaped House design is able to change into the finest class show, live performance and opera house.

  • It features a 5000kg of the wrought iron chandelier with 2900 Light emitting diodes affixed to it
  • The entire building design is mostly comprised of goblet along with a translucent foyer.
  • The sounds change along with the event formats

The structure of the Dubai Opera is actually made in a way to conform to the diverse specifications of various show styles.

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Having Difficulty Selling Your Home?

Everyone struggles from time to time with this kind of grand sale, and it is perfectly natural for it to take a long time to sell your home. However, there is no doubt that it can also become extremely difficult and worrisome when you have been trying to do so for a long time and you don’t seem to be making any progress with it at all. If you are in this position, then you might want to think about some of the things you can do to ensure that it is going to go a little more smoothly in future, and fortunately there are many such things you can do at any time. In this article, we are going to help you out by taking a look at just a few of the most basic and essential ways in which you can improve your chances of selling your home.


Know Who You Are Selling To

Most people jump into selling their home without even thinking about who they are trying to sell it to ,and yet if you approach it in this way you are bound to have much more luck with the sale of your home on the whole. You need to sit down and decide on who you might think would be interested in buying your property - not who specifically, necessarily, but what kind of individual. If you can work that out, you will be able to tailor your home so that it is much more likely to be saleable, as you will actually have a specific kind of person in mind while doing so. Get to know that kind of person, and you can choose the right colours, layouts and so on, all of which will greatly help you to sell the home faster.

Get Help Selling It

A lot of people need help when they are selling their home, and there is nothing wrong with that if you need help too. If you are thinking of trying to sell your home, then you will find that you probably need to have some sort of help at some point, and that is something which you can easily get so long as you know where to look. If you take a look at this for example: you will see that it is highly likely that there is someone in your area who is able to help you, and that means you will probably have much more luck with sleling your propwerty in the future. Remember that if you feel a little stuck, and you can be sure of getting it sold much sooner.


Be Patient

Remember that it makes most people a long time to sell their home, and if yours is not selling fast enough it really doesn’t matter too much. Adopting a little patience is likely to be a sensible idea, as it will stop you from going mad trying to make it all work. As long as you are able to be patient, ti i'll be much easier to deal with on the whole anyway. See for more on this.

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A Look Inside 200 Amsterdam

Bringing an innovative and classical pre-war look to the upper west side of New York, 200 Amsterdam aims to please. After long awaiting for approval to begin construction, 200 Amsterdam was finally given the okay, thus leading to the drop of a teaser website and new renderings of the building.


The 51-story condominium tower will offer 112 apartments ranging from one to five bedrooms with interiors by CetraRuddy, an international award-winning architecture and interior design firm based out of New York City. SJP Properties and Mitsui Fudosan America are working together to develop this 668 feet tower, which will have architecture done by Elkus Manfredi.

Off The MRKT

The placement of the building will offer occupants views of Central Park, the city, and the Hudson River, while also being close to the American Museum of Natural History and the Lincoln Center.

Off The MRKT

Occupants of the building can also enjoy 10 different amenities, some of which include: a 75-foot heated salt water pool, state-of-the-art fitness center curated by The Wright Fit, library, children’s playroom, and lounge. There will also be a separate soundproof rehearsal room that can be used.

Sales and marketing will be handled exclusively by Brown Harris Stevens Development Marketing, and will not begin until the fall of this year.

Photos courtesy of Binyan Studios.

By Shaunna Redman

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Tips for Purchasing a Mountain Home

If you want to embrace a way of living that’s a little outside of the ordinary, the idea of living in a mountain location might appeal to you. If that’s the case, purchasing a home in the mountains could be on the horizon for you. There are plenty of ways to do this, but there are some things that you will need to know and do if you’re serious about purchasing a mountain home.

There are lots of things that you will need to think about, and it’s not quite as easy as it is when buying an ordinary home. You need to be prepared for the work involved if you want the whole process to go smoothly. So read on to learn more about these tips; they’ll help you find the mountain home of your dreams.

Know the Locations You’re Most Interested In

You should definitely start doing some research and find out what’s the difference is between the various mountain locations and communities where you might be most interested in buying a home. Look at them all and see which is best suited to you and your specific needs. When you know where you’re most interested in living, you can start your search and see what’s on offer on the market. Each local area will be different so it’s definitely good to know which of them you’re most interested in.

Think About Logistics

You definitely need to think about the logistics of living in a mountain location, and this should be a part of your decision-making process. The roads and routes up to the home are not always the best, but that all depends on the specific mountain location you’re looking to buy in. You should be fully aware of these logistical concerns before you decide that you want to buy a home in a particular location. So be sure not to skip past this stuff because it’s definitely important.


Factor in the Elements

The weather and the elements generally are always a little different when it comes to living in a mountain location. You should want to make sure that you fully understand all of these things and how they might affect you when you’re living in a mountain home. You should definitely factor in things like the snow during winter because stuff like this will certainly impact how you live and how disruptive your choice of location is to your lifestyle in general.

Take Your Time on the House Hunt

When hunting for the home, you need to be as careful and as measured as you possibly can be because if you don’t take your time to find a house that’s right for you and toe specific needs, you will regret it later and that’s obviously not what you want at all. There’s nothing to be gained by rushing through the process and not taking it on in the correct kind of way. You should search for all kinds of homes and look at them all to begin with. That way, you can get an idea of which homes are right and wrong for you.

Talk to Specialists

There are people and organizations out there who know all about what it takes to buy a property in particular mountain locations. You should seek help from these specialists if you want the process to go smoothly and productively. Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties is one such example, so you might want to get in touch with them to learn more about what they can do for you. Going it alone when you’re buying a property always makes things harder than they really need to be.

Learn From People Who’ve Already Bought in the Area

If you can get in contact with people who have already been through the process of buying mountain homes, you should be able to learn a tremendous amount from them. They’ll tell you all about their experiences, the difficulties they face, and they might even talk to you about some of the tips that’ll help you make the process less stressful. There’s nothing better than hearing it straight from someone who has first-hand experience to call upon.


Get to Know the Community

If there is one specific mountain community that you want to become a part of, you should start to spend some time there before you move. If you do that, you will find that you start to understand the community better and learn about its quirks and habits. There are lots of things to learn, as well as some things that you might never fully understand. That’s just the way it is for outsiders coming in, but you’ll integrate and become part of the community over time.

Understand the Natural Threats

The danger of natural threats does extend beyond the elements when you live in a rural aha mountainous spot. There are many natural predators out there, and they could be located close to your mountain home, deadening in which part of the world you choose to buy your new mountain hat. By understanding these threats and how to handle them, you’ll be ready for everything mountaIn life can throw at you.

Have a Detailed Survey Carried Out

Before you actually finalize the purchase of your maintain the property, you will want to have a detailed and in-depth home survey carried out by an independent professional. These homes face unique threats, and many of them are already very old so there will be some problems to address, that’s for sure. You should always base your decision on hard facts when buying a home like this or like any home for that matter.


Purchasing a mountain home might be one of your life’s ambitions. If so, you should go for it and don’t let anything stop you from doing what you want to do. It’s certainly a different way of living, so keep all of the tips and issues mentioned here in mind as you move through the processes of buying your mountain home.

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Our Favorite Listing: A Private Peninsula

Residing at the end of the Shippan Point peninsula, the city’s southernmost property is said to have been used as a lookout guarding Stamford and New York Harbors during the two World Wars, hosting a canon on site. The home was built in 1914 by Richard Howland Hunt and Joseph Howland Hunt—the architect brothers behind Beacon Towers in Sands Point, Long Island, once owned by William Randolph Hearst and the inspiration for the Great Gatsby. The listing is currently listed at $11,950,000

 Photos courtesy of Sothebys International

Photos courtesy of Sothebys International

Hunt & Hunt built this home, known as “Saddle Rock House,” for the inventor Thomas Robins, best known for creating the rubber conveyor belt while working for his friend Thomas Edison. Based on the invention he launched the Robins Conveying Belt Company, which later became known as the Hewitt-Robins company.

Crafted with ashlar quarried stone and a Belgian slate roof, and designed with definitive circular arches framing doorways and windows, the residence is built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style and has views of the water from every room. Updates include a new kitchen with custom cabinets and granite counters, smart home technology, custom tilt-and-turn windows, and a renovated cellar with a vintage, temperature-controlled wine cellar.

Outside, there’s a heated saltwater pool with large covered stone grotto, pool deck with cabana, boat launch, specimen gardens and fountains, lighted tennis court, stone guest cottage and a Bonsai tree at the peninsula’s tip, all with Sound views extending from the Stamford Harbor Lighthouse to the Manhattan skyline. Locals will recognize the large bear statue that introduces the home at its gated entry; they’ve been referring to the property as the “Bear House” for years.

Robert Blosio & Larry Palma of Sothebys International is the listing agent. For more information click here

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Sold: Antoine Verglas Amagansett Home

Off The MRKT Hamptons

Fashion photographer Antoine Verglas, whose nude images of Melania Trump caused quite the stir, has closed on his two neighboring Amagansett beach homes, according to exclusive agent Carol Nobbs of Douglas Elliman.  

The two properties, at 61 and 55 Dunes Lane in Amagansett, were listed together for $12.5 million, and individually for $5.6 million and $6.9 million, respectively. 

61 Dunes, sited on 1.3 acres, features three bedrooms, two baths and an outdoor pool. 55 Dunes occupies 1.5 acres and comes with five bedrooms and three baths. The two are on a road with only six homes, and they share a private path to the beach. The agent is unable to disclose the final price or the buyer at this time. 

The Paris-born Verglas is known for his early 90s photoshoots with then-breakout supermodels, such as Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Stephanie Seymour, for GQ, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Elle and Playboy. He's also shot intimate portraits of a  number of celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Gina Gershon and Penelope Cruz. 

This listing courtesy of Douglas Elliman

Hamptons AirBnB Not To Miss This August

When you’re looking for a place to stay you want something that fits your budget while also providing the luxury you deserve. Here are five amazing AirBnBs in the Hamptons you should consider staying at the next time you’re in New York.

off the mrkt hamptons.jpg

This Southampton Village Classic is historic, and conveniently located within the village. The house features four bedrooms, three baths, an inground heated pool, full kitchen, large deck, and a gas grill. You can rent the entire house for $425 a night. For an upcharge, you can also rent the additional cottage on the property which has two additional bedrooms and a bath.

off the mrkt hamptons.jpg

This Southampton Village Charmer was renovated, and is a short bike ride away from the beach. The property features four bedrooms, three and a half baths, inground heated pool, a grill, and a herb/vegetable garden. You can the entire property for $475 a night.

off the mrkt hamptons.jpg

This Southampton Village House is located inside of a private community, and is within walking distance of the village center. The house features five bedrooms, four and a half baths, an inground heated pool, a play set, and a grill. You can rent the entire house for $600 a night.  With your rental you will also be granted access to the community pool and tennis courts.

off the mrkt hamptons.jpg

This Kismet Casa was recently renovated, and is within walking distance of town. The cottage features four bedrooms, two baths, a fenced backyard with swing set, and a firepit. This property is also pet friendly. You can rent the entire cottage for $800 a night. There are also options to rent only the downstairs, which give you two bedrooms, or rent the cottage next door in addition to give you an extra two bedrooms.

off the mrkt hamptons.jpg

This Southampton Village Rental is located within walking distance of mainstreet in Southampton Village. The property features four bedrooms, two and half baths, inground heated saltwater pool, saltwater hot tub, and multi-level deck. The property is also fully equipped with all towels you will need from bath towels to beach towels, beach chairs, and four bikes. You can rent the entire property for $1,200 a night.

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