Looking Your Best From Head To Toe On National Men's Grooming Day

As grooming habits have become too complicated and we all want to look our best as Fashion Week comes by, we celebrate today National Men's Grooming Day by sharing our top essentials to look your best on any day, ladies too!

We've compiled a list of products from head to toes to maintain a healthy appearance for every man. So, if you’re a man who is interested about his appearance (or a woman who a better looking man), let us be your guide.


Esquire Grooming Shampoo - Your hair looks and feels better when it's full and balanced. This unique formula contains a blend of saw palmetto, pea sprout, chia seed, eucalyptus and ashwagandha to make your hair look and feel fuller-all while preserving its natural balance.

Ecru New York Marine Thickening Balm - A light, fragrant thickening gelèe that absorbs into the hair to dramatically increase thickness while providing protection against damage and breakage. Great for men with thinning or fine hair. ($24)

Dove Men+Care DermaCare Anti-Dandruff Fortifying Shampoo + Conditioner: Combat flakes and itch with the new range of DermaCare Anti-Dandruff 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners that are engineered specifically for men's hair to help eliminate dandruff, improve scalp health, and make hair stronger and more resilient against breakage. 

Floyds 99 Texture Powder - Versatile, weightless powder adds volume, thickness and definition.  Gives hair a strong hold while providing pliability.  Absorbs excess oil from the scalp.  Safe for color-treated hair and sensitive scalp.  Perfect product for the gents with thinning or fine hair.  ($16.99)


Dove Men+Care Stain Defense CoolFormulated with anti-mark technology that helps eliminate yellow stains on white clothing and white marks on dark, this antiperspirant offers 48-hour odor and wetness protection along with signature ¼ moisturizing technology.


We have been loving the skin care line created by plastic surgeons Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour, Beverly Hills MD is a rapidly-growing skincare company committed to creating powerful anti-aging solutions using only the most natural and effective ingredients. Beverly Hills MD’s mission is to provide highly effective, accessible solutions for the most difficult skincare concerns that customers can use in the comfort of their own homes. “We continually innovate products our patients can use to improve their skin in between visits and know they’ll love seeing results from the comfort of their home.” says Dr. Layke

Rose Stem Cell Daily Cleanser: a powerful formula designed to protect, hydrate, and revitalize skin while it cleanses. Advanced ingredients work to smooth skin’s surface, retain essential moisture, and give you a fresh, energized look and feel each and every time you cleanse. ($70.00)

Deep Regenerating Stem Cell Moisturizer: designed to restore that healthy, youthful look your complexion once had—by giving skin a radiant, seemingly ageless glow. This breakthrough formula harnesses the revitalizing power of plant stem cells to make your complexion look smoother, brighter, and virtually flawless every day. ($150)

POLISHED by Dr. Lancer. Dr. Lancer partnered up with client and friend, Ryan Seacrest, to create POLISHED, a dermatologist-developed, tested and approved daily regimen that targets the specific needs of men’s skin and is powered by the highest grade and most innovative ingredients. The line includes an anti-aging serum, dual cleanse and shave, oil-free moisturizer, a daily micro scrub, and a daily lip care.

Yon-Ka Phyto-Tonic Aftershave

Optimize your skincare regimen with this alcohol-free aftershave that provides an instant feeling of freshness. Packed with 9 essential oils, this antiseptic treatment mist soothes razor burn and provides an instant feeling of freshness without leaving behind a greasy film. It is suitable for all skin types. ($38)


Geir For Men, a high-end, invigorating scent perfect for any occasion -  from hanging at home with family and working out at the gym to going on a date. The not too sweet, not too strong scent's combination of herbs, wet woods and lavender never fail to make a statement.  


COBY Callus Remover $13 -mThe 3-Piece COBY pedicure groomer lets you re-create a mini-spa right at home. This spinning callus smoother roller eliminates any tedious work associated with a home pedicure and is quick, easy and effective. In just seconds, you’ll have smooth, beautiful feet. Even men need to keep a pedicured foot!


How To Maintain Excellent Health Following A Detox

There are lots of different detox programs out there at the moment, and many people choose to try them out every year. Most folks agree they feel incredible immediately following the diet, but the results tend not to last as long as people would like. With that in mind, the information on this page will provide you with a quick guide to maintaining excellent health following your detox. With a bit of luck, people who follow the advice from this article will continue to feel fantastic for many months, and that is going to benefit you in many different areas of your life.


Launch a new exercise routine

If you want to capitalize on your detox program; it is essential that you do not become a couch potato. Regular exercise is the best way to promote optimum health and ensure your body’s immune system is always strong and in full swing. You could join a local gym if you enjoy the social side of fitness, but nothing is wrong with jogging around the streets of your hometown or trying an Ashley Borden exercise DVD at home. Unless you have any injuries or medical complaints; you should aim to exercise for at least half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening for the best outcomes. If you have any medical conditions, consult your doctor first!

Consume healthy meals every day

There is no excuse for eating junk food or takeaway meals every night these days. We live in the digital age, and so there are hundreds of excellent recipe websites you can check for inspiration if you get stuck when it comes to planning the perfect meals. Lots of people struggle to find time to prepare food after a long and hard day at the office. If that applies to you, try to find some time at the weekend to cook the meals or snacks and freeze them. You can then place the food in your microwave and have access to healthy meals within minutes during the week when you’re busy.


It’s hard to consume a diet that contains all the essential nutrients your body requires these days, and that is why the health supplements market is booming right now. Products like Nerve Support and those from other brands will help to ensure you get all the essentials when you need them most. None of those items is going to break the bank, but you should notice their benefits within only a couple of weeks. You have nothing to lose, and so it makes sense to try them out. You can search online for information and recommendations from other people just like yourself.

Now you know how to keep up the good work following a detox; nothing should stand in the way of your success. Hopefully, you will manage to maintain the clean and healthy feeling you get in the days immediately following your diet detox for as long as possible. When all’s said and done, none of these ideas require too much time and effort, and so everyone should try them out.

Good luck!

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You Are What You Eat - How True Is This Statement Really?


The answer? Incredibly true. Without heading into an overlong explanation as to why, it’s best to consider the answer immediately. You absolutely are what you eat. It contributes to your system and can very much dictate your physical health, your mood, your alertness levels among many other things. If looking to experiment with your health (hopefully in the process of trying to improve it,) there may be a few things you try.

However, even busting your hardest work effort in the gym will always be seconday to what’s going on in your refridgerator and cupboards. You can run all you like, but if you eat three buckets of KFC a day, you’re unlikely to see much improvement, although you will see some. The kitchen is absolutely where the best choices are made, meaning that considering new diets could be an excellent thing to do. Consider these tips for the best results:

The Keto/Carnivore Diet

The ketosis and carnivore diets are taking off, and for good reason. In fact, over 300,000 people have subcribed to the ketosis subreddit this year alone. Why is this? Well, the health effects seem to be being felt all over the world. Ketosis is the act of eschewing all carbohydrates from your diet, and absorbing healthy fats and meats in abundance. You can also take care of a vegan ketosis if needed, but this is much more difficult to follow. Ketosis is practiced thanks to the body producing ketones, a form of fuel source much more clean and energy-dense than glucose from carbohydrates, and this also allows you to burn your fat reserves from your body in the fastest possible time.

It’s truly a wonder to behold, and may only be believed with your own eyes as you conduct it. Another quite interesting diet trend lately is the carnivore diet, in which you remove all vegetables from your diet and eat solely meat. This apparently can help with inflammation, and there are benefits to following it. However, this is quite an extreme diet, so perhaps starting off lightly with a ketosis trial could help you think about your dietary intake differently.

Diet Sensitivity                                                                                
Remember that diets dictate who we are for the most part, especially when it comes to how our body handles what we feed it. Every now and then new sensitivities can occur as we age, or perhaps blossom in our children when we’d rather they didn’t. Ensuring you regularly inspect how you feel after eating certain food groups, and how well your body seems to digest certain items can help you really tailor a diet that works for you. For example, learning gluten sensitivity symptoms can help you diagnose difficult foodstuffs and also potentially where to eat or avoid to mitigate this. Diet is something that follows us throughout our whole life, so it’s important to steward a dynamic and engaging relationship with it in the long term, choosing food right for you at the time, to help you feel the best for the longest amount of time possible.

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Sheet Masks That We're Obsessed With

Stress and tiredness can take a toll on your skin’s appearance by causing wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes. Using a sheet mask can help rejuvenate your skin and give off a younger, healthier appearance. The best part is that there is a mask for everyone from the different end results to the price ranges.

After a long day at work you may find yourself with dark circles under your eyes or fine lines. If this sounds like you at the end of the day, then you should try Celavive™’s Hydrating + Lifting Sheet Mask. The sheet mask uses two botanical extracts and two bioactive peptides to give the mask anti-aging qualities such as firming, smoothing, and brightening. This would give you a younger, healthier appearance perfect for going out on the town at night or waking up refreshed in the morning.

If you find yourself with tired-looking, dry skin, but are on a budget, then you may want to try VITABRID®'s Dual Mask. The VITABRID® Dual Mask can be purchased for $8. This K-Beauty anti-aging mask contains a new anti-aging solution, PEPTIBRID™ and VITABRID®, to provide a concentrated supply of nutrition (active, stabilized Vitamin C and peptides) and elasticity to tired, distressed skin. Additionally, the mask is great for sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic, non-stimulating, and made of microfibers.

Since everyone has different results they wish to achieve with their skin, Anthropologie offers a set of three sheet masks called Keep Cool that will give you the results you want to see. Each mask combats specific issues such as fine-lines, dry skin, or irritation. Keep Cool and Shine helps with skin rejuvenation and reduction of fine lines. Keep Cool and Ocean helps with keeping skin hydrated all day, while Keep Cool and Soothe helps with reducing irritation and redness on your face.

For those of you who wish to focus on the dark circles under your eyes, there is a sheet “mask” for you. The difference is this mask is actually pads you place under your eyes to brighten your skin. Spascription has Brightening Under Eye Pads which contain Vitamin C to assist with brightening your skin. These pads are also hypoallergenic and made for all skin types. Plus, if you’re not into daily use you’re in luck. Spascriptions’ Brightening Under Eye Pads only need to be used 15 minutes once per week.

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5 Skincare Rules Everyone Should Know For Smoother Skin

Off The MRKT

It’s officially the year of the skin. Yes, makeup is great and playful, but the emphasis on healthy skincare has never been bigger. The number of great skincare product launches could make your head spin, and there are even tons of articles on the types of food that your skin can greatly benefit from. Yes, there are tons of advice for getting that perfect smooth complexion, but we’re going to stick to five simple and effective ones that will get your skin where it needs to go.

Beat the dullness

If due to sun exposure, lack of hydration you’ve ended up with dull and lifeless skin that has even begun to show signs of aging, there are several courses of action to take. First of all, if you’ve been forgetting to include sunscreen into your skincare routine, rectify that mistake as soon as possible. Those UVA and UVB rays are unforgiving, so precautions must be taken if your skin has any chance of recovery. In addition to that, try to stay away from the sun as much as possible – that is a rule Japanese women follow to the letter and they look 20 years younger than all of us, so we might as well follow suit. Finally, do un-dull the skin and begin to restore its smoothness and shine, make it your goal to take vitamin A regularly. You can resort to topical solutions, but they can be quite strong and even counter-effective for certain skin types, so it’s best to find a supplement or load up on vitamin A rich foods instead, at least in the beginning. Let’s move on to rule number two.

Find what works for you

Off The MRKT

Instead of roaming around drugstore counters picking up products you just assume will give you the result you need, you need to sit down, do your research and find out what exactly your skin type and concerns are. There are numerous skincare brands, one of them being the incredible Rodan and Fields, offer personalized skincare regimen and proper products, and with a simple click of a button here, you can finally get the skinny on what your skin craves and finally provide it for it.

Know your enemies

Alcohol, in all forms, is simply bad for your skin. According to skin expert Michaella Bolder “Alcohol is a toxin (…) impacting the quality, appearance and ageing of your skin. Alcohol is also a diuretic, so you can lose plenty of skin cell-loving water from the body quite rapidly, leaving your skin dehydrated and dull. So, aside from avoiding alcohol as much as you possibly can, you must read the labels on cleansers and toners and even foundations carefully. Many of them contain alcohol, which dries out the skin almost instantly, and the condition worsens the longer you use it. This again brings us to rule number two – leave it to experts to determine and provide the right solutions for you so you don’t ruin your skin with uninformed purchases.

All in moderation

Off The MRKT

One of the greatest obstacles standing between you and a smooth glowing complexion are clogged pores and flaky skin. This usually comes as a result of either piling too much makeup and not cleansing your face properly at the end of the day or the fact that you’ve let the importance of exfoliation completely slip your mind. Exfoliation is essential to smooth skin as this skincare step removes the dead cells completely and allows your skin to breathe. Aside from that, it fosters faster cellular renewal and production, and preps the skin for the products you apply after you’re done exfoliating. Now, some would say that daily exfoliation is a must, but there is such a thing as too much. You need to give the skin time to actually ‘develop’ dead skins in order to remove them. Overzealous exfoliation can irritate the skin, strip it of its natural oils and actually make matters worse. So, the final verdict on exfoliation – definitely yes, but only three times a week.

The golden rule

You can have the best skincare custom-made for your skin type, but the smoothness and radiance you crave will still be at large if you don’t learn two important lessons. The first one is layering your skincare products in the right order. This is paramount as each product plays a role and it needs to make an appearance at just the right time. The second lesson is diligence. You can’t be responsible when it comes to your routine one day and then skip two or three days – that’s just not how the cookie crumbles. You have to have an established daytime and nighttime routine and never skip it no matter what.

Now that you’re in the know, there is only one thing to do. Remember these rules, follow them to the letter and you’ll see results that have been missing before you know it.

Why Oil Is Your Friend This Summer

While during the summer the last thing you may want is more oil, on your body but as studies have shown oil in the summer won't make you break out like when you were a teen. While we all want that dewy look, many are going for anything to make us look matte, while we may melt running inbetween meetings. What we've learned is that as long as you nourish your skin and use a lighter oil than you would in the winter you'll be glowing through fall.

Ahead, are our favorite oils for summer.

Start with a cleanser from AMOREPACIFIC this effectively cleanses the skin without depleting the skin's own protective barrier. This can be used a makeup remover as well, as it transforms into a silky emulsion when water is added, rinsing perfectly clean with no oil residue. Reviews have said it's ". The luxurious quality and scent make me feel like I'm at the spa."

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Precious Oil SPF 15 - A luxurious, soothing and nurturing oil with sheer SPF 15 sunscreen, one of the first of its kind. Cutting-edge plant biotechnology isolates and replicates the perfect rose stem cells for maximum anti-age repair. A precious bouquet of six rose stem cells and six rose extracts are blended with natural oils to help repair and prevent the signs of aging while nourishing, soothing and calming skin. Sheer, broad-spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen helps protect from UVA and UVB damage. Absorbs quickly, imparts a radiant glow and leaves skin silky soft, smooth and youthful-looking.

Moroccan Elixir is a beauty company that carries handmade organic argan oil and cactus oil from Essaouira, Morocco. The elixir that uses Vitamin E forms a protective layer insulating your skin and hair from thermal heat produced by the sun. By protecting skin and hair, you can help prevent wrinkles, sagging skin, and hair breakage for both men and women. Theargan oil is non-greasy and does not clog up pores. Instead of packing countless beauty products, Argan Oil is a powerhouse product that fights multiple signs of aging, moisturizes every skin type, and is a wonderful face primer for makeup. It’s great for men as well who need a little TLC for their beards!

Afraid of age? So are we, that's why we use Merle Norman Anti-Aging Complex Emulsion Dry Oil Serum. Perfect for hot and humid summer weather, this ultra -lightweight, silky dry oil serum blends beautifully onto skin and begins absorbing on contact. Because of its dry oil texture, there is no greasy residue, making it ideal for those who have oily skin or are exposed to the humidity. It provides immediate hydration for a radiant glow as well as long-term hydration by increasing or decreasing the number of drops you use based on your skin’s hydration level each day, this anti-aging serum will help improve skin texture, firmness, elasticity and suppleness.


Stress-Busters that Will Help You To Stay On Top Of Your Game

If you want to beat stress or if you know that you are under a lot of stress right now but you don’t know what to do about it then you have nothing to worry about. There are so many things that you can do to try and make yourself feel way better.

Get some Fresh Air

Research shows that if you are able to get some Vitamin D then this can really help you to boost your energy levels. It can also boost your level of serotonin as well. You are able to redirect your focus and your worries, to to mention that it can also help to manage your stress better. Sure, you may not feel as though you have the time to get out and go to the gym every single day and this is completely understandable, but little changes can go a long way. You could try and walk to work or you could even try and take the time to walk to a friend’s house instead of driving. This is a great way for you to really make the most out of your day and it can work wonders for your mood.

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How to Enhance Your Beauty in 3 Effective Steps

No matter how beautiful you already are, you’re probably thinking about some new ways to enhance your beauty even more, right? Well, that’s the case with the majority of women, so be sure to stay with us and keep on reading if you want to know how to make that happen. Here are three fantastic ways to accomplish that, so check them out and enjoy!

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Why You'll Start Your Weekend With Meditation

After a long work week the first thing most of us want to do is to let loose and have a good time. While a heavy dinner or drink may be fun, this Spring meditation will be the best way to start the weekend, giving you a clear head and better start Saturday morning.

 For those in New York you can now go to Yo Yoga! which has partnered with Sound Off to bring yogis weekly classes featuring curated playlists from the world's top DJs.

“Offering Sound Off yoga at Yo Yoga! is going to take yogis’ practices to the next level. The headphone technology allows you to really engage in your practice and create your own experience and I’m proud we are the first in New York to offer weekly classes,” said Rebecca Weible, founder of Yo Yoga! 

Sound Off™ produces a wide variety of events with wireless headphone technology. Our wireless headsets let each attendee control their own volume and tune in to up to three channels of audio from DJs, emcees and video presentations. Our wireless headphone technology helps event organizers and event production companies create captivating events that can only be heard through our noise-isolating LED headphones.

While going in myself a half hour of meditation was thought to be forever. Having tried before and could never get past 5 minutes, II found the soothing headphones allow me to block out the world and be guided through. While I may have had a restless leg after, the 30 minutes flew by leaving me refreshed after a long work week.

Meditation creates a deep engagement at outdoor events, corporate events, private parties, music festivals, trade shows, weddings, speaking engagements, guided group events and beyond. 

“Yo Yoga! is the first studio in the tri-state area to host regular Sound Off classes and we are eager to continue growing in the region.”

Yo Yoga! currently offers a variety of traditional open and basic yoga classes as well as specialty sessions such as stretch & restore, power yoga, candle lit yin/restorative yoga and integrated yoga. The outside deck is glistening with twinkle lights and hosts classes and workshops whenever the weather is 68 degrees or higher.

Yo Yoga! is located at 344 E 59th St., New York, NY 10022.  Sound Off Meditation is at 8 PM on Fridays for $10,


How to Prevent a Cold Before it Begins

By Emily Bach


The seasons are beginning to change, the leaves beginning to brown, and colds are on a steadily increasing rise. Here are a few of the best tips for preventing one before it begins.

Sleep, like Actually Sleep

We know it’s easy to forget about sleeping in the midst of stress, especially as the end of year deadlines come around. But, it’s important to remember to prioritize personal health, especially when you feel a cold coming on. When you’re tired, your body doesn’t fight infections as well, making them infinitely harder to combat.

Go back on that diet you always procrastinate

Need an excuse to push yourself on that impossible diet? Use this - your body fights infections better when it has a well-built immune system. Eating healthier foods, from fruits to proteins, helps your body fight infections before they become an issue.

Disinfect and sanitize

It’s easy to remember to sanitize your hands, but it’s far more difficult to remember to clean the spaces around you. Desks, computer keyboards and purses are hotspots for germs but don’t forget about smaller spaces, from doorknobs to sink handles.

Sing a song while you wash your hands

We’re all far too familiar with the common tip for washing your hands, but it’s significantly more difficult to remember to actually wash them well. Using soap and water is one thing, but studies have proven singing 30-second songs, like “Happy Birthday”, can drastically decrease your chances of catching the flu.

Suck it up and get the shot

Duh. This one’s easy, simple, and yes, we admit relatively annoying but necessary. Don’t skimp out on this step.

Keep breathing

The number one way flu is transmitted is through person-to-person contact. If you notice someone coughing or sneezing, holding your breath for so much as 6 to 10 feet could save you weeks of annoyance.

Gargle salt water

Combine a tablespoon of water with a cup of warm water and gargle for around a minute. The rinse flushes out bacteria and germs, helping you to prevent a cold before it happens, and get rid of a scratchy throat at the same time. 


What to Gift the Health and Beauty Nut This Holiday Season

You bought everything you wanted on Black Friday, now what do you get for the person who already has everything in fitness, health, and beauty? The person who does yoga in the morning and getting their hair blown at night while sipping green juice at all times. While you may not be thinking clearly, there's actually lots you can get them

Check below to see what to get the Lululemon wearing fan in your life. We promise they will love a trip to Red Mountain Resort or start their day with Clarisonic.

What to Gift the Health and Beauty Nut This Holiday Season

Clarisonic Alpha Fit

The gift that will keep on giving all year round. Clarasonic revolutionizes the way men and women clean their face, as this tool has allowed beauty addicts to clean beyond their hands.

A brand new, compact and waterproof design fits in the palm of your hand and is easily portable for gym, travel and on-the-go cleansing.

If you want to gift the special someone this gift, feel free to pick up an extra bush for yourself! 

$219 Shop Here


Alterna Haircare Caviar Clinical Daily Densifying Kit 

No one wants thinning hair, male, female, which makes this gift just as good as real caviar. A thinning hair treatment set for fuller, healthier and denser-looking hair.a targeted anti-aging kit formulated with luxurious Caviar Extract & Red Clover Densifying Complex, which helps combat the causes of thinning hair and provides fuller, denser-looking hair.

The kit includes: 1. Daily Detoxifying Shampoo: gentle cleanses scalp and hair, soothing irritated skin and eliminating buildup and 2. Daily Densifying Foam: improves blood circulation, encouraging thicker, fuller, stronger hair that looks and feels denser from the inside out.

$57 Shop Here


Fitbit Aria 2

This stylish scale will keep you fit all year round as it measures weight, body fat percentage, lean mass and BMI. Being able to sync with your other Fitbit apparel the scale tracks your progress with simple, easy-to-read graphs. With a modern, polished glass surface for a scale that looks stylish anywhere

$129,50 Shop Here

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What to Gift the Health and Beauty Nut This Holiday Season


Why put in so much effort it doesn't maximize your body's potential. Fitcode helps you understand how your DNA affects your fitness potential, so you can get the info you need to fine-tune your routine and reach your goals faster.

A 27-gene profile that helps you understand how your DNA affects your fitness potential, so you can get the info you need to fine-tune your routine and reach your goals faster.

$149 Shop Here

1 RMR aerial_grand view_preview.jpg

Red Mountain Resort

Looking to get away and be healthy, while taking in beautiful scenery and being pampered. Nestled in Southwestern Utah’s red rock bluffs, Red Mountain Resort is a one-of-a-kind active destination retreat, inspiring guests to pursue health, wellness, balance and joy. With one of the country’s most breathtaking natural settings as its backdrop.

The resort offers an array of different Retreat Packages which include three healthy meals daily and allow guests to enjoy a number of amazing hotel perks such as daily guided hikes through the surrounding canyons and access to array of unlimited fitness classes (yoga, Pilates, etc.),personal discovery and wellness activities, offered daily.

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What to Gift the Health and Beauty Nut This Holiday Season


For the health continence TwinMedix PRO:ESSENTIALS is a cruelty-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free skincare line developed with the purest, most professional pharmaceutical grade formulas for daily care and protection. Using patented microsponge technology with the goal of transforming, defending, renewing, brightening and resurfacing the skin  

$40-90 Shop Here



Just in time for the new year Rise-N-Shine's  Pro Muscle Enhancer is a great companion for a person to maximize their workout, and has Deer Antler, Tongkat Ali, DHEA and more - it can be especially helpful for those who may be hitting the gym after the holidays. 

Other vitamins that they offer are the Bikini Vitamins for weight loss, and the  Vitamin Facial which is like enjoying a facial in a capsule - the natural phytoceramides in each capsule are known to plump up skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

$29.99 Shop Here


SOUL Electronics’ Run Free Pro H

Wirelessly connected to your phone via Bluetooth, the earphones use Beflex technology to track the runner’s movements and provide real-time voice coaching to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. The accompanying app analyzes and saves run metrics to show progress and better future runs. Whether running on a treadmill or outside, the Run Free Pro HD makes for the perfect fitness mate.

$129.99 Shop Here



This pitch black Instagram bestie has everything you need to detox. Not only does it taste like an old school hot chocolate, but it's packed full of healthy superfoods to give you a jolt of natural energy and increase your mental focus. We combined Cacao for natural energy, activated charcoal for a deep detox, reishi for increased brain clarity, coconut milk for gut health, cinnamon/cayenne for a metabolism boost, and vanilla/stevia for a touch of sweetness.

$20-$40 Shop Here


Bella Schneider Beauty

For the friend who wanderlusts, bring the feeling of vacation to them with this Polynesian inspired gift set. The set contains Organic Lychee & Coconut Face + Body Polish to exfoliate the skin, and Coconut Soufflé Cream + Olive Oil to nourish and moisturize. With use of this polish and cream, skin will feel vacationed and renewed.

$95 Shop Here