How to Keep Yourself Looking Fresh & Young Each Day

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and wondering why you look so exhausted, even if you don’t necessarily feel it? It’s a common problem that many people experience, but there are some changes that you can make that should help keep yourself looking fresh and young each day. It’s not particularly complicated; it’s just a case of taking logical and healthy steps each day. Read on to learn more about how to do that.

Care for Your Skin Better

Caring for your skin will really produce the results you’re looking for, so this is something that you should definitely try to do. Your skin will be more radiant, fresh and youthful if you spend more time looking after it. This should involve cleansing your skin with a product that suits your skin type and moisturising a couple of times per day. You should also remove any makeup before sleeping.

Spend Time Getting Active Outdoors

Being active and not shutting yourself in your home and your office is vital when you want to look fresher. It’s all about making sure you expose yourself to sunlight and get the natural vitamins you need. Being active and being outdoors can also help you to feel better about yourself as well, so it’s something you should definitely think about.


Get More Sleep

You’ll certainly look refreshed and youthful if you’re getting a good 9 hours sleep each night. That’s what you should be aiming for, but many people with busy lives don’t get close to that many hours of sleep each night. That’s clearly a problem, so work on sleeping more. You will look more alert, more awake and more refreshed when you start each new day. Avoid caffeine after midday for better sleep at night.

If You Smoke, Stop!

Anyone who’s still smoking in 2018 needs to realise that this impacts their skin. Your skin will look discoloured, tired and drained if you smoke a lot. It’s much better for your appearance if you choose to switch to a cheap e liquid. You will notice a change in your appearance and how fresh you look each day once you give up the cigarettes once and for all.

Don’t Rely on Caffeine to Stay Alert

If you’re having to rely on caffeine to start awake each day, the chances you have problems that need to be addressed. If you're always relying on caffeine, it should tell you that you’re working too much or not resting enough. And that caffeine won’t help you look less tired, even if it helps you feel a little less tired for a short period of time. Try to stay alert without it from now on.

No one wants to look tired and drained every day, and you really don’t need to. It’s up to you to make the right changes, and it can be done. Just start by following the guidance and advice that’s been outlined above. It won’t be long before you notice a difference to how you look each day.

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The Only Fall Health Tips You Need: How To Survive Cold Season

Many of us look forward to cozying up by the fire and enjoying nights in front of the TV with loved ones as temperatures tumble. There’s a lot to be said for fall, but there’s no doubt that it has its downsides, the most significant of which is the influx of germs that percolate the crisp, cold air. It’s officially cold season, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with these simple survival tips.

Wash your hands

Colds and coughs are spread through drops, which are released into the air. To reduce your risk of catching a cold, it’s crucial to wash your hands on a regular basis. Wash your hands using antibacterial soap before eating and after using the bathroom. It’s also a good idea to clean your hands after visiting public places. You often find that illness spreads like wildfire in areas where there are lots of people within a confined space, such as a hospital, an office or a school.


Get plenty of rest

Sleep is essential for your body’s immune system, and it plays an instrumental role in the recipe for a disease-free life. If there are harmful germs on the horizon, you’ll need your immune system in tip-top condition. Make sure you get enough rest by adopting a sleep routine and listening to your body. If you’re tired all the time, there’s every chance that you’re not getting enough downtime. If you’re going to bed in the early hours and your alarm is set for 6am, start going to bed earlier. Ideally, adults should get around 7 hours of sleep per night.

Eat well

Many of us focus on our diet as a means of controlling our body weight. While it is important to have a stable, healthy BMI, it’s also crucial to ensure your diet provides you with a selection of vitamins and minerals. Your body isn’t capable of generating many vitamins and minerals, and it relies on the foods you eat to top-up stores of vital nutrients. Eating well can help to boost immunity and keep you fighting fit. Opt for meals and snacks that contain fruit and vegetables like soups, pasta dishes with homemade sauces, casseroles, and stir-fry.

kaboompics_Middle Eastern Dishes.jpg


When it’s cold outside, and it’s raining cats and dogs, the prospect of getting into gym gear and going for a run may be incredibly unappealing, but think of the benefits exercise offers. You’ll feel amazing after a workout, and you’ll be taking steps to protect and improve both your physical and mental health. If you really can’t bear the thought of leaving the house, why not try working out at home? You can buy fitness DVDs, stream workouts from online sites or invest in a treadmill or a bike and work up a sweat in front of the TV.

It’s getting chillier by the day, and before we know it, buses, trains and offices will be filled with the sound of coughing, sniffing, and sneezing. If you’re eager to escape unscathed, hopefully, this guide will help you steer clear of germs.

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It's Not Too Late To Save Your Hair

Off The MRKT.png

Did you know that hair loss is more common in the fall than any other season? Believe it or not, we actually shed 50 - 100 hairs a day, but board-certified dermatologist Dr. Terrence Keaney, M.D. has some tips for your hair care routine this fall that can help prevent hair loss.

According to Dr. Terrence Keaney, M.D., hair loss isn’t actually what we think it is. Typically when we think of hair loss, we picture our hair falling out and leaving a bald spot, but what actually happens is that our hairs miniaturize themselves. This means that the hair is still growing as it should, however, it’s thinner, weaker and shorter.

You don’t need to worry quite yet about losing your hair though as this miniaturization happens over the course of years. Although, you should start taking precautions now as Dr. Keaney warns it is easier to prevent hair loss than treat hair loss. He recommends using Dove Men+Care Thick and Strong Fortifying 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner that is enriched with calcium and caffeine as it helps make your hair stronger, thicker and fuller. 


However, if you're already experiencing hair loss, you still may not need to worry. Dr. Keaney recommends an early treatment using topical minoxidil, or better known as Rogaine. It is only if hair loss continues that treatments need to become stronger. Dr. Keaney says that he introduces treatments such as finasteride, platelet-rich plasma injections, photobiomodulation, or nutraceuticals if the topical minoxidil doesn't help.

The most important thing to remember out of all of this is to take care of your hair. Avoiding scalp irritation is the best way to ensure you don't fall victim to hair loss since the more irritated your scalp becomes, the more likely hair miniaturization is to occur. Make sure to brush your hair daily and use products that promotes hair and scalp health.

By Shaunna Redman

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Beating The Bloat: What You Need To Know

Beating the bloat is something the majority of people would like help with. If you eat a meal and suddenly swell up like a balloon, you’re not alone. It can be embarrassing, knock your confidence, and it can even be painful - but there are things you can do to reduce the bloat and feel confident again.

Bloating is completely normal, and it’s not something you should feel ashamed of. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with trying to remedy it if it will make you feel more comfortable. Below we have some information that could help you to beat your bloat once and for all. Read on to learn more!


 Keep A Food Journal

Usually, something you are eating will contribute to the bloat that you are experiencing. By keeping a food journal, noting down what you eat and when you start to notice bloating, you can get a good idea of what is causing you to bloat so badly. Use a physical journal or download an app that allows you to do this.

You may want to do experiments of your own, cutting out a type of food and then testing to see if you still bloat as much when you don’t eat it. It may then be possible to slowly introduce it back into your diet after a month or so, but you may want to get advice from a nutritionist or health professional first.

Get A Food Intolerance Test

If you have the cash, you could do a food intolerance test to see what your body may be reacting to. You can usually do this by sending off some of your hair and having it tested. You will get an idea of the foods you may be intolerant or sensitive to, as well as anything you may be allergic to or deficient in. You can then begin testing from here; if you get your test from a reputable company, they may also offer you advice on how to cut certain foods out.

Make Water Your Drink Of Choice

Water is a must for flushing out the system, losing excess weight, and staying hydrated and healthy. If you’re drinking lots of carbonated drinks, you will likely bloat and experience gassiness. Even ingredients in these drinks can be sensitive to some people, such as aspartame. By drinking water and even flavoring it with pieces of fruit instead if you like flavor, you can avoid bloating and ensure you remain healthy. Carry a large bottle with you daily and don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink from it. Many people find that water is a big help on an ibs diet and that carbonated drinks can really flare the condition up. 

Cut Down On Sodium

Foods that are high in sodium are a big culprit for bloating. Sodium causes the body to retain water, especially around the abdomen area. Not all bloating is a result of gas; it can be a result of water retention.

Chew Your Food Properly

If you’re not chewing your food properly, you can easily experience bloating. Eating too quickly, and even talking while eating can cause you to swallow air which can negatively impact your tummy. Really take your time with your meals, chewing each bite properly, and putting your cutlery down as you chew. This will encourage you to take your time and enable the body to more easily digest your food. Not only that, you may find it easier to listen to your body and know when you’re full, which can help you to avoid putting on unnecessary weight or eating when you’re not really hungry.

Eat Smaller Portions

Rather than eating two or three large portions per day, split your meals up into smaller portions. Eating little and often can help to keep you satiated, keep your metabolism running quickly, and stop you from eating huge portions that make your tummy blow up. However, different meal timings work for different people. Some people do prefer to eat little and often, while others prefer to have a few big meals per day. It’s all about experimenting and learning what works for you.

Watch Out For Dairy

Dairy is often a culprit when it comes to bloating. Some people can’t eat any dairy without blowing up like a balloon, while some people can eat some kinds and not others. In fact, a lot of people are actually lactose intolerant and do not realize it. Around 75% of people can’t break down lactose, which is found in dairy. It can cause gas, cramping, bloating, nausea, and diarrhea. If you are experiencing bloating or want to reduce it, then cutting out dairy could be one of the first things you try.

Get Some Exercise

Being bloated can be very uncomfortable, and exercising can be the last thing you want to do. However, exercise can be a huge help. Moving your body can allow gases to move more readily through the digestive system, which will help you to get rid of bloating and feel better much faster. You could try swimming, or even just going for a walk. Yoga can also be a big help, as it’s so relaxing and encourages you to focus on your body while deep breathing. Exercise is also a great way to reduce stress, so you should feel 10x better.

Get Medical Help

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to no avail, medical help could be the only way to move forward. A doctor may be able to perform tests and see what is really going on with your body. You may be intolerant to something, or you may have a condition that requires further treatment. Don’t put off visiting a doctor if your bloating is chronic and painful.

Beating the bloat can be tough, but it is possible. It’s something many people live with daily, and although you may not be able to eradicate it completely, you may be able to make it less painful and prominent. Don’t wait any longer before using the advice here!

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Easy Ways To Look 10 Years Younger

It’s common to feel like you’re looking older. Sometimes this might be caused by stress, and this might be causing you to age faster than you should be. Excess levels of stress have been shown to age the skin quite dramatically. But, the good news is that there are some easy ways that you can make yourself look ten years younger, and we’ve got some of them listed below.

Get A Makeover

One way to make yourself look younger is to get a makeover. You can go to a professional to do this for you, and they will be able to take those years off you in no time. You can also get them to show you what they used and how they did it so that you can continue using this method in your day to day life.

You might not think that makeup is something that you want to use, but it is one of the easiest ways to make yourself look younger. If you are worried about the chemicals that are used in certain makeups, there are many brands who offer organic makeup so as not to damage your skin further. Speak to a professional about this, and they will be able to advise you on which brands are best if this is something that you feel strongly about.

Go To A Spa

There are many different types of spas that offer a wide variety of treatments, depending on what you are looking for. For example, some spas offer non-surgical cosmetic dermatology treatment which will make those years melt away. These treatments can include wrinkle relaxers, coolsculpting, volumizers, and so many more options. Alternatively, some spas offer other treatments such as seaweed wraps and facials.

Going to a spa is a great way to relax and treat yourself. Giving yourself this treat is a sure way to make yourself smile, and you know what they say, you are never more beautiful than when you are smiling.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is vital for the body to work at optimum levels. But, you might not know that sleep is important for your skin too. One of the things that you might be noticing is that your skin is looking tired and this can lead to you looking older than you are. There’s an easy way to combat this though. You just need to be getting enough sleep each night. It is recommended that you try to sleep for 8 uninterrupted hours each night.

That means leave your phone outside of your room and get the rest that your body needs. Your body needs to be able to sleep without constant interruptions. It has been shown that if you leave your electronic devices outside of your room, you will have a better chance of getting uninterrupted sleep.

We hope that you have found this advice on how to look 10 years younger helpful and will consider using one of these options to aid you on your journey. You should always remember though, that getting older is a part of life and something we should embrace.


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Facial Skincare: Can Signs Of Aging Be Prevented?


The aging of facial skin is a complex subject, and one that is subject to a huge amount of discussion and differing opinions. When discussing the appearance of facial skin, the majority of the talk is centered around improving the look of your skin, with various products and remedies promising the ability to override the passage of time and restore youthful skin in a heartbeat. Is this, however, the discussion that we should be having?

After all, if an old saying is to be believed, isn’t prevention better than cure? We have all heard this phrase over and over again, yet when it comes to our facial skin, we focus on improving the problems that are already in existence, with prevention only occasionally mentioned as a side benefit. It therefore seems worth examining whether the focus has been on the wrong point all along, and asking if there is any way of preventing facial skin from aging before it becomes problematic.

Can facial skin aging be prevented?

Well… it’s complicated.

It’s tempting to answer “no” to this question because, realistically, skin is always going to age. The reason that crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles develop is based on the way that collagen production falls as we age; as a result, some signs of facial aging are always inevitable.

So is that it, debate settled, all facial skincare should focus on rectifying existing problems, prevention doesn’t work?

Not quite.

Focusing on preventing substantial aging

Fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet are not binary; they do not either “exist” or “not exist”. They have levels of severity. Some people experience very deep, pronounced wrinkles, especially as they reach their 70s and 80s, while others will experience very mild lines that are barely visible to the naked eye.

It’s the severity of facial skin aging that all experts suggest can genuinely benefit from prevention techniques. While we’ll all inevitably experience some signs of aging, we can at least diminish how obvious those signs are.

How can you prevent significant signs of aging on facial skin?

  • We have mentioned that one of the primary causes of facial skin aging is the natural depletion of collagen everyone experiences as they age, but this collagen can be somewhat replenished via supplementation.

  • Odd as it may sound, given that this treatment is almost always described as a cure rather than a preventative method, botox is actually incredibly useful for preventing aging. It relaxes relevant facial muscles, which helps to prevent lines and wrinkles becoming particularly pronounced. If you’re curious to find out more, it’s well worth searching for clinics that practice Botox near you for further advice.

  • Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of deep lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles, so it can be beneficial to get into the habit of using SPF every single day - even if it’s cloudy outside.

  • The majority of sleep lines will disappear over the course of the day, but some may linger and become wrinkles over time. It’s therefore beneficial to explore ways of preventing sleep lines from becoming permanent, and to try and sleep in different positions to assist this.

In conclusion

It is inevitable that your skin will age, and no prevention can give you the skin of a 20-year-old on your 35th birthday. However, there is something to be said for preventing significant signs of aging, and if you follow the tips above, you should be able to hold time’s ravages at bay for as long as possible.

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How To Observe Your Bodily Health Over Time


Unfortunately (and very much fortunately,) none of us are vampires, not even the cool kind spoken of in young adult fiction. By this we mean that none of us are immortal, and separate from every mallady known to man. That’s somewhat of a blessing of course. It keeps us human and normal, and nowhere near as terrifying as a creature that hangs upside down. However, that also means we need to pay close attention to our bodies, and ensure that we’re keeping on top of health issues as they arise. Sometimes a health issue may arise and take us completely by surprise. Sometimes a slow march of difficulty may rear its head, and we may have more time to adapt to these issues than we initially thought.

Adapting a few checks here or there can certainly help. The earlier you catch something, the better your chances are of coming to a better medical solution. Not only that, but you may be inclined to put together better solutions to prevent issues from occuring again, if the problem has been caused by habits you are used to.

Consider the following:

Body Checks

Getting into a few wise and reliable habits can help you take care of your body tremendously well over time. We all know the drill. Gently observing your breasts or testicles can help you find any lumps that may signify the onset of cancer. Remember, both men and women can gain breast cancer. Most people will not find anything, but the one person who finds something early may save their live thanks to this practice. It just takes a little time to do each morning so loing as you know what you’re looking for.

However, these are only two of the most obvious issues. If you feel something coming on and you’re not quite sure of its nature, there are a few tests you can do. Let’s say you wake up with a dull pain in your shoulder. It might mean you have a damaged or sore rotator cuff, or you simply moved strangely and quickly in your sleep or during work the previous day. It might be a sign of many more things you should worry about, and even more things you shouldn’t. You can always try to test the mobility, consider replicating the pain you felt if possible to know how and when it happens, observe the bare skin in the mirror, and perhaps see if it’s responsive to painkillers. Reflecting on how the pain feels can help you describe it to a professional, and writing down any changes in oits nature during the course of the day can inform a professional appropriately.

Body checks, a list of which you can determine for yourself, help you gather information about an issue. If you’re not sure what steps you should take, consider visiting a Doctor, particularly if the issue persists or impedes in your daily function. A blocked, stuffed or overly painful nose might not just be the sign of a cold, it could mean you need sinus surgery. A continual headache may not mean you overdid listening to music too loud last night, but another more pressing need. Without the intention of checking, or trying to find the source of an issue, you’ll never be rid of it.


It pays to be social. We’re not talking about the partying kind, but the ‘keeping people around you that you trust’ kind of socializing. This is because when in a connecting relationship like this, you can look out for another person, and they can look after you. You may inform one another that your skin color is looking mighty pale recently, or that you’ve noticed they’ve been coughing deeply more than usual lately. Sometimes listening to others assessments of how we look and behave can be more reliable than our own perspective, because we cannot see ourselves in the third person. Pay attention to their opinion. It could settle you or alert you to something worth taking care of.


Your energy levels are such a large indicator of your overall health that it pays to keep a close eye on it. Seasonal depression and tiredness are both pretty normal phenomena, but it can really pay to consider just how tired you are, especially if active, eating well and getting more than enough sleep. Low energy may show an immune system under stress, an illness taking hold, or perhaps something more sinister. Always consider how your body is functioning and how you might adapt it. The issue could be something small such as minding you have a mini-allergy to cheese, or perhaps something larger such as onset MS. With your observation correctly utilized, you can find a solution as soon as possible.

With these tips, observing your bodily health over time is sure to be possible, and may prevent a difficult circumstance from catching you unaware.

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Staying Hydrated With A Little More Ease

We’re all big drinkers. We have to be simply to survive! Whether you’re someone who enjoys a beer at the end of the day, or you’re always up for a cocktail with friends on the weekend, or you’re just a big water drinker with a huge glass at your desk, you wouldn’t go a day without knocking back a glass of something.

But are you drinking as much water as you should be? Maybe your lips are a little chapped, or your skin’s a bit dry, or you’re getting tired faster than usual? Either way, if you tend to be someone who’s always struggling to get your daily allowance of water, and you’re sick of the taste of the stuff that comes out of the tap, now’s your chance to get a little bit healthier. Here’s how to stay hydrated with ease.  

 Water makes up about 70% of our body; don’t let yourself dry out on the regular!

Water makes up about 70% of our body; don’t let yourself dry out on the regular!

Start Eating More Fruit

Fruit has a lot of benefits to it overall, but if you’re someone who doesn’t get as much hydration as you should, you’re going to want to eat these based on their water content alone. Fruits are completely natural food items, and they’re easy to consume with all meals you’d normally have in a day, so this is an easy step to add into your schedule.

Fruits such as Watermelon and Strawberries are going to be best for you here, and they’re easy to pick up from the store or grow in your own garden. And if you get sick of chowing down on them as snacks on their own, why not turn them into glorious fruit kebobs, drizzled with chocolate? Or you can simply pack some fruit sticks into your bag for work that day, and snack on them during meetings and high website traffic times, a.k.a when you’re likely to forget to drink up and stay hydrated.

Drink Some Flavored Water

Flavored water was a wonderful modern invention, and because of it, a lot more older people and young children are interested in staying as hydrated as possible. When you’ve got people with sensitive taste buds to look out for, you’re going to want to have something tasty for them to enjoy in the process.

So why not purchase some bottled water variety packs, and kickstart a health drive in your home or family? They’re easy to pick up on your way out of the door, and can be refrigerated with easy on hot and humid days. And seeing as the winter is coming, you’re going to want to fill up on water more than usual, for your skin’s sake at least!

If you’re someone who doesn’t pay attention to your bodily needs to often, whether you’re not sure how to or you’ve got too much on in terms of responsibilities, use little hacks like these to keep yourself going for longer. When you’re well hydrated, you’re sharper, smarter, and have much more energy.

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The Diet Which Gives You More

The majority of diets focus on less rather than more. They’re about cutting back on meals, reducing the foods you eat, and even stopping food cravings. The idea being that taking control of these things means you can finally control your weight. It’s a good idea in theory, and it’s easy to see why diets operate this way. But, if you’ve been trying for a while, you already know that these cutbacks rarely work out.

The simple fact is, restricting our access to what we want often makes it more appealing than it was before. Rather than adjusting to a life of less, our desire for restricted items grows stronger than ever. So, the moment we reach our goal weight or put our diets to the side, we rush back into the arms of the foods we’ve missed most. Hence why, even if your attempts worked in the short-term, they’ll soon come undone. Many a dieter has experienced this frustration. In extreme cases, it can end with putting on more weight than you’ve lost. That’s why many people scorn the diet world as a waste of time.


In truth, though, there’s nothing wasteful about wanting to eat better. When you get down to it, it seems clear that the issue is in how we go about that. The moment we talk about focusing on ‘less,’ you could say that our attempts are doomed. So, instead of restricting items, your next diet could enjoy a focus on giving more.

We know what you’re thinking, though; how can you get healthy when you give yourself more rather than less? In truth, it’s easier than you would think. What’s more, this luxurious form of dieting could see you living a healthier life than those restrictive alternatives. So, what exactly should you give yourself more of?

The right foods

There are diet plans out there which allow unlimited access to healthy foods, and they seem to see the highest levels of weight loss. They’ve realized that it isn’t our meal sizes which cause us issues. More, it’s what we eat. It’s clear to all that a small plate of fatty food is trouble. But, that doesn’t mean you have to get used to mouse size portions. Consider, instead, that you could eat a whole serving bowl of salad and still be better off. You could pile your plate full of beans and lentils, and still lose weight. Get this right, and you could find your plate fuller than it’s ever been before. How does that sound for a diet to die for?

More of what you need

It’s also worth noting that a successful diet involves health as much as it does weight loss. That’s why you could also benefit from focusing on getting more of what you need. By this, we mean more variety, which allows for more nutrition. Rather than sticking to one food group, attempt to add as much variety into each meal as you can. Make sure everything you eat is giving you plenty of protein, fiber, and calcium. Small additions like nuts on the side of your plate could work wonders here, as could the addition of beans. If you’re struggling to fit everything you need into your meals, you could even focus on getting more nutrients by turning to supplement companies like Youngevity products. Again, this involves adding to your dietary intake, rather than taking away. That’s crucial stuff given many diets leave us lacking from a nutritional standpoint. Hence why we’re so liable to give in to our food cravings the moment we can. But, more nutrients means more needs fulfilled, and less chance of slipping down the line.

Pour more water


More often than not, water doesn’t get a look in during diets. We know to cut back on things like milk and alcohol, but most of us don’t even consider whether we should drink water or not. As a result, the majority of us don’t drink as much here as we should. In a general sense, that’s an issue due to the health implications of dehydration. For your diet’s sake, not drinking enough could also leave you at a disadvantage. The fact is, water is a fantastic appetite suppressant. As if that weren’t enough, it also helps to speed up your metabolism which will help you burn fat faster. So, rather than focusing on what you can’t have, get that tap running and make sure you keep a bottle by your side at all times!

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Weight-Loss Tips That Work Year Round

By Shaunna Redman

Losing weight can seem like an impossible challenge, especially if you have a busy schedule. However, losing weight isn’t impossible even if you’re busy. By following these few simple tips that are relevant year round, you can comfortably start your weight loss journey.


Stand up

If you have a job that requires you to sit, think about getting a desk you can stand at to do your work. According to BBC News Magazine, you can burn up to 50 calories per hour while standing. Not only does standing burn calories, it also promotes healthy blood flow as sitting for long periods of time restricts proper blood flow for your legs.

Make simple, yet smart, ingredient exchanges

Cooking oils such as canola, vegetable and peanut have a multitude of fats that can be hard to burn off if you don’t have the time to hit the gym often. Some great alternatives to use would be extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil as they don’t contain as many fats and are also considered heart healthy. Additionally, using fresh spinach or kale instead of lettuce gives your body more fiber, vitamins, and nutrients that are essential for to a healthy lifestyle.

Drink water

You have probably heard multiple times to stay hydrated or drink plenty of water. It can be difficult to drink water if you don’t like the taste, get too busy to remember to drink, or want something carbonated. For me, I found it easiest to drink sparkling water, then slowly start exchanging it out for regular water. If the taste of water is what bothers you, try a flavored sparkling water or a water mix in. If you find yourself being unable to remember to drink water, try downloading a water reminder app. Coffee and soda are not substitutes for water.

Don’t skip out on multiple meals

Skipping multiple meals can make your body think it needs to go into “starvation mode”. When your body enters this mode, you will find it harder to lose weight as your body tries to retain as many calories as possible to try to protect itself. The best thing to do is try to plan your meals out ahead of time with each meal containing all your necessary nutrients. This ensures you don’t skip any meals while also giving you the comfort of knowing what your meal contains and comes into contact with, so if you have any food allergies, you’re safe.

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Looking Your Best From Head To Toe On National Men's Grooming Day

As grooming habits have become too complicated and we all want to look our best as Fashion Week comes by, we celebrate today National Men's Grooming Day by sharing our top essentials to look your best on any day, ladies too!

We've compiled a list of products from head to toes to maintain a healthy appearance for every man. So, if you’re a man who is interested about his appearance (or a woman who a better looking man), let us be your guide.


Esquire Grooming Shampoo - Your hair looks and feels better when it's full and balanced. This unique formula contains a blend of saw palmetto, pea sprout, chia seed, eucalyptus and ashwagandha to make your hair look and feel fuller-all while preserving its natural balance.

Ecru New York Marine Thickening Balm - A light, fragrant thickening gelèe that absorbs into the hair to dramatically increase thickness while providing protection against damage and breakage. Great for men with thinning or fine hair. ($24)

Dove Men+Care DermaCare Anti-Dandruff Fortifying Shampoo + Conditioner: Combat flakes and itch with the new range of DermaCare Anti-Dandruff 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners that are engineered specifically for men's hair to help eliminate dandruff, improve scalp health, and make hair stronger and more resilient against breakage. 

Floyds 99 Texture Powder - Versatile, weightless powder adds volume, thickness and definition.  Gives hair a strong hold while providing pliability.  Absorbs excess oil from the scalp.  Safe for color-treated hair and sensitive scalp.  Perfect product for the gents with thinning or fine hair.  ($16.99)


Dove Men+Care Stain Defense CoolFormulated with anti-mark technology that helps eliminate yellow stains on white clothing and white marks on dark, this antiperspirant offers 48-hour odor and wetness protection along with signature ¼ moisturizing technology.


We have been loving the skin care line created by plastic surgeons Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour, Beverly Hills MD is a rapidly-growing skincare company committed to creating powerful anti-aging solutions using only the most natural and effective ingredients. Beverly Hills MD’s mission is to provide highly effective, accessible solutions for the most difficult skincare concerns that customers can use in the comfort of their own homes. “We continually innovate products our patients can use to improve their skin in between visits and know they’ll love seeing results from the comfort of their home.” says Dr. Layke

Rose Stem Cell Daily Cleanser: a powerful formula designed to protect, hydrate, and revitalize skin while it cleanses. Advanced ingredients work to smooth skin’s surface, retain essential moisture, and give you a fresh, energized look and feel each and every time you cleanse. ($70.00)

Deep Regenerating Stem Cell Moisturizer: designed to restore that healthy, youthful look your complexion once had—by giving skin a radiant, seemingly ageless glow. This breakthrough formula harnesses the revitalizing power of plant stem cells to make your complexion look smoother, brighter, and virtually flawless every day. ($150)

POLISHED by Dr. Lancer. Dr. Lancer partnered up with client and friend, Ryan Seacrest, to create POLISHED, a dermatologist-developed, tested and approved daily regimen that targets the specific needs of men’s skin and is powered by the highest grade and most innovative ingredients. The line includes an anti-aging serum, dual cleanse and shave, oil-free moisturizer, a daily micro scrub, and a daily lip care.

Yon-Ka Phyto-Tonic Aftershave

Optimize your skincare regimen with this alcohol-free aftershave that provides an instant feeling of freshness. Packed with 9 essential oils, this antiseptic treatment mist soothes razor burn and provides an instant feeling of freshness without leaving behind a greasy film. It is suitable for all skin types. ($38)


Geir For Men, a high-end, invigorating scent perfect for any occasion -  from hanging at home with family and working out at the gym to going on a date. The not too sweet, not too strong scent's combination of herbs, wet woods and lavender never fail to make a statement.  


COBY Callus Remover $13 -mThe 3-Piece COBY pedicure groomer lets you re-create a mini-spa right at home. This spinning callus smoother roller eliminates any tedious work associated with a home pedicure and is quick, easy and effective. In just seconds, you’ll have smooth, beautiful feet. Even men need to keep a pedicured foot!


How To Maintain Excellent Health Following A Detox

There are lots of different detox programs out there at the moment, and many people choose to try them out every year. Most folks agree they feel incredible immediately following the diet, but the results tend not to last as long as people would like. With that in mind, the information on this page will provide you with a quick guide to maintaining excellent health following your detox. With a bit of luck, people who follow the advice from this article will continue to feel fantastic for many months, and that is going to benefit you in many different areas of your life.


Launch a new exercise routine

If you want to capitalize on your detox program; it is essential that you do not become a couch potato. Regular exercise is the best way to promote optimum health and ensure your body’s immune system is always strong and in full swing. You could join a local gym if you enjoy the social side of fitness, but nothing is wrong with jogging around the streets of your hometown or trying an Ashley Borden exercise DVD at home. Unless you have any injuries or medical complaints; you should aim to exercise for at least half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening for the best outcomes. If you have any medical conditions, consult your doctor first!

Consume healthy meals every day

There is no excuse for eating junk food or takeaway meals every night these days. We live in the digital age, and so there are hundreds of excellent recipe websites you can check for inspiration if you get stuck when it comes to planning the perfect meals. Lots of people struggle to find time to prepare food after a long and hard day at the office. If that applies to you, try to find some time at the weekend to cook the meals or snacks and freeze them. You can then place the food in your microwave and have access to healthy meals within minutes during the week when you’re busy.


It’s hard to consume a diet that contains all the essential nutrients your body requires these days, and that is why the health supplements market is booming right now. Products like Nerve Support and those from other brands will help to ensure you get all the essentials when you need them most. None of those items is going to break the bank, but you should notice their benefits within only a couple of weeks. You have nothing to lose, and so it makes sense to try them out. You can search online for information and recommendations from other people just like yourself.

Now you know how to keep up the good work following a detox; nothing should stand in the way of your success. Hopefully, you will manage to maintain the clean and healthy feeling you get in the days immediately following your diet detox for as long as possible. When all’s said and done, none of these ideas require too much time and effort, and so everyone should try them out.

Good luck!

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You Are What You Eat - How True Is This Statement Really?


The answer? Incredibly true. Without heading into an overlong explanation as to why, it’s best to consider the answer immediately. You absolutely are what you eat. It contributes to your system and can very much dictate your physical health, your mood, your alertness levels among many other things. If looking to experiment with your health (hopefully in the process of trying to improve it,) there may be a few things you try.

However, even busting your hardest work effort in the gym will always be seconday to what’s going on in your refridgerator and cupboards. You can run all you like, but if you eat three buckets of KFC a day, you’re unlikely to see much improvement, although you will see some. The kitchen is absolutely where the best choices are made, meaning that considering new diets could be an excellent thing to do. Consider these tips for the best results:

The Keto/Carnivore Diet

The ketosis and carnivore diets are taking off, and for good reason. In fact, over 300,000 people have subcribed to the ketosis subreddit this year alone. Why is this? Well, the health effects seem to be being felt all over the world. Ketosis is the act of eschewing all carbohydrates from your diet, and absorbing healthy fats and meats in abundance. You can also take care of a vegan ketosis if needed, but this is much more difficult to follow. Ketosis is practiced thanks to the body producing ketones, a form of fuel source much more clean and energy-dense than glucose from carbohydrates, and this also allows you to burn your fat reserves from your body in the fastest possible time.

It’s truly a wonder to behold, and may only be believed with your own eyes as you conduct it. Another quite interesting diet trend lately is the carnivore diet, in which you remove all vegetables from your diet and eat solely meat. This apparently can help with inflammation, and there are benefits to following it. However, this is quite an extreme diet, so perhaps starting off lightly with a ketosis trial could help you think about your dietary intake differently.

Diet Sensitivity                                                                                
Remember that diets dictate who we are for the most part, especially when it comes to how our body handles what we feed it. Every now and then new sensitivities can occur as we age, or perhaps blossom in our children when we’d rather they didn’t. Ensuring you regularly inspect how you feel after eating certain food groups, and how well your body seems to digest certain items can help you really tailor a diet that works for you. For example, learning gluten sensitivity symptoms can help you diagnose difficult foodstuffs and also potentially where to eat or avoid to mitigate this. Diet is something that follows us throughout our whole life, so it’s important to steward a dynamic and engaging relationship with it in the long term, choosing food right for you at the time, to help you feel the best for the longest amount of time possible.

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Sheet Masks That We're Obsessed With

Stress and tiredness can take a toll on your skin’s appearance by causing wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes. Using a sheet mask can help rejuvenate your skin and give off a younger, healthier appearance. The best part is that there is a mask for everyone from the different end results to the price ranges.

After a long day at work you may find yourself with dark circles under your eyes or fine lines. If this sounds like you at the end of the day, then you should try Celavive™’s Hydrating + Lifting Sheet Mask. The sheet mask uses two botanical extracts and two bioactive peptides to give the mask anti-aging qualities such as firming, smoothing, and brightening. This would give you a younger, healthier appearance perfect for going out on the town at night or waking up refreshed in the morning.

If you find yourself with tired-looking, dry skin, but are on a budget, then you may want to try VITABRID®'s Dual Mask. The VITABRID® Dual Mask can be purchased for $8. This K-Beauty anti-aging mask contains a new anti-aging solution, PEPTIBRID™ and VITABRID®, to provide a concentrated supply of nutrition (active, stabilized Vitamin C and peptides) and elasticity to tired, distressed skin. Additionally, the mask is great for sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic, non-stimulating, and made of microfibers.

Since everyone has different results they wish to achieve with their skin, Anthropologie offers a set of three sheet masks called Keep Cool that will give you the results you want to see. Each mask combats specific issues such as fine-lines, dry skin, or irritation. Keep Cool and Shine helps with skin rejuvenation and reduction of fine lines. Keep Cool and Ocean helps with keeping skin hydrated all day, while Keep Cool and Soothe helps with reducing irritation and redness on your face.

For those of you who wish to focus on the dark circles under your eyes, there is a sheet “mask” for you. The difference is this mask is actually pads you place under your eyes to brighten your skin. Spascription has Brightening Under Eye Pads which contain Vitamin C to assist with brightening your skin. These pads are also hypoallergenic and made for all skin types. Plus, if you’re not into daily use you’re in luck. Spascriptions’ Brightening Under Eye Pads only need to be used 15 minutes once per week.

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5 Skincare Rules Everyone Should Know For Smoother Skin

Off The MRKT

It’s officially the year of the skin. Yes, makeup is great and playful, but the emphasis on healthy skincare has never been bigger. The number of great skincare product launches could make your head spin, and there are even tons of articles on the types of food that your skin can greatly benefit from. Yes, there are tons of advice for getting that perfect smooth complexion, but we’re going to stick to five simple and effective ones that will get your skin where it needs to go.

Beat the dullness

If due to sun exposure, lack of hydration you’ve ended up with dull and lifeless skin that has even begun to show signs of aging, there are several courses of action to take. First of all, if you’ve been forgetting to include sunscreen into your skincare routine, rectify that mistake as soon as possible. Those UVA and UVB rays are unforgiving, so precautions must be taken if your skin has any chance of recovery. In addition to that, try to stay away from the sun as much as possible – that is a rule Japanese women follow to the letter and they look 20 years younger than all of us, so we might as well follow suit. Finally, do un-dull the skin and begin to restore its smoothness and shine, make it your goal to take vitamin A regularly. You can resort to topical solutions, but they can be quite strong and even counter-effective for certain skin types, so it’s best to find a supplement or load up on vitamin A rich foods instead, at least in the beginning. Let’s move on to rule number two.

Find what works for you

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Instead of roaming around drugstore counters picking up products you just assume will give you the result you need, you need to sit down, do your research and find out what exactly your skin type and concerns are. There are numerous skincare brands, one of them being the incredible Rodan and Fields, offer personalized skincare regimen and proper products, and with a simple click of a button here, you can finally get the skinny on what your skin craves and finally provide it for it.

Know your enemies

Alcohol, in all forms, is simply bad for your skin. According to skin expert Michaella Bolder “Alcohol is a toxin (…) impacting the quality, appearance and ageing of your skin. Alcohol is also a diuretic, so you can lose plenty of skin cell-loving water from the body quite rapidly, leaving your skin dehydrated and dull. So, aside from avoiding alcohol as much as you possibly can, you must read the labels on cleansers and toners and even foundations carefully. Many of them contain alcohol, which dries out the skin almost instantly, and the condition worsens the longer you use it. This again brings us to rule number two – leave it to experts to determine and provide the right solutions for you so you don’t ruin your skin with uninformed purchases.

All in moderation

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One of the greatest obstacles standing between you and a smooth glowing complexion are clogged pores and flaky skin. This usually comes as a result of either piling too much makeup and not cleansing your face properly at the end of the day or the fact that you’ve let the importance of exfoliation completely slip your mind. Exfoliation is essential to smooth skin as this skincare step removes the dead cells completely and allows your skin to breathe. Aside from that, it fosters faster cellular renewal and production, and preps the skin for the products you apply after you’re done exfoliating. Now, some would say that daily exfoliation is a must, but there is such a thing as too much. You need to give the skin time to actually ‘develop’ dead skins in order to remove them. Overzealous exfoliation can irritate the skin, strip it of its natural oils and actually make matters worse. So, the final verdict on exfoliation – definitely yes, but only three times a week.

The golden rule

You can have the best skincare custom-made for your skin type, but the smoothness and radiance you crave will still be at large if you don’t learn two important lessons. The first one is layering your skincare products in the right order. This is paramount as each product plays a role and it needs to make an appearance at just the right time. The second lesson is diligence. You can’t be responsible when it comes to your routine one day and then skip two or three days – that’s just not how the cookie crumbles. You have to have an established daytime and nighttime routine and never skip it no matter what.

Now that you’re in the know, there is only one thing to do. Remember these rules, follow them to the letter and you’ll see results that have been missing before you know it.

Why Oil Is Your Friend This Summer

While during the summer the last thing you may want is more oil, on your body but as studies have shown oil in the summer won't make you break out like when you were a teen. While we all want that dewy look, many are going for anything to make us look matte, while we may melt running inbetween meetings. What we've learned is that as long as you nourish your skin and use a lighter oil than you would in the winter you'll be glowing through fall.

Ahead, are our favorite oils for summer.

Start with a cleanser from AMOREPACIFIC this effectively cleanses the skin without depleting the skin's own protective barrier. This can be used a makeup remover as well, as it transforms into a silky emulsion when water is added, rinsing perfectly clean with no oil residue. Reviews have said it's ". The luxurious quality and scent make me feel like I'm at the spa."

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Precious Oil SPF 15 - A luxurious, soothing and nurturing oil with sheer SPF 15 sunscreen, one of the first of its kind. Cutting-edge plant biotechnology isolates and replicates the perfect rose stem cells for maximum anti-age repair. A precious bouquet of six rose stem cells and six rose extracts are blended with natural oils to help repair and prevent the signs of aging while nourishing, soothing and calming skin. Sheer, broad-spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen helps protect from UVA and UVB damage. Absorbs quickly, imparts a radiant glow and leaves skin silky soft, smooth and youthful-looking.

Moroccan Elixir is a beauty company that carries handmade organic argan oil and cactus oil from Essaouira, Morocco. The elixir that uses Vitamin E forms a protective layer insulating your skin and hair from thermal heat produced by the sun. By protecting skin and hair, you can help prevent wrinkles, sagging skin, and hair breakage for both men and women. Theargan oil is non-greasy and does not clog up pores. Instead of packing countless beauty products, Argan Oil is a powerhouse product that fights multiple signs of aging, moisturizes every skin type, and is a wonderful face primer for makeup. It’s great for men as well who need a little TLC for their beards!

Afraid of age? So are we, that's why we use Merle Norman Anti-Aging Complex Emulsion Dry Oil Serum. Perfect for hot and humid summer weather, this ultra -lightweight, silky dry oil serum blends beautifully onto skin and begins absorbing on contact. Because of its dry oil texture, there is no greasy residue, making it ideal for those who have oily skin or are exposed to the humidity. It provides immediate hydration for a radiant glow as well as long-term hydration by increasing or decreasing the number of drops you use based on your skin’s hydration level each day, this anti-aging serum will help improve skin texture, firmness, elasticity and suppleness.