Dental Professionals You Should Check In With


We tend to take a lot of dental care on of our own accord. We clean our teeth twice a day, floss, use interdental brushes, and rinse with mouthwash. Many of us avoid sugar and opt for sugar free options in food, drink and products like gum and mints. But we all still require a little guidance and help along the way. This is where dental professionals come into play! Here are a couple of different types you should check in with regularly!

A Dentist

Perhaps the best known form of oral practitioner is a dentist. It is generally recommended that you visit this individual once a year at least. If possible, you should try to make an appointment once every six months. During this appointment, they will be able to survey the overall health and condition of the inside of your mouth. This includes your teeth as well as your gums, tongue, and inner cheeks. If they identify any problems, they can come up with a treatment plan to rectify health complaints and issues. Now, many people stick with the same dentist they grew up with, and this can work well for them - they will feel familiar with their dentist and this can help them to feel comfortable during consultations, dental checks, and dental procedures. However, there are various circumstances that can cause you to want to seek a new dentist. Perhaps you feel that your current dentist’s techniques are outdated, or maybe you simply move a little further afield and the commie to your original clinic becomes a little unreasonable. Not to worry. There are plenty of great dentists out there. To simplify the process of choosing the right new dentist to suit your needs, you should take a look through this guide, which will show you what you should be looking for!

A Hygienist

While most of us are already well aware that we should visit our dentist once or twice a year, a surprising number of us are unaware that we should be booking in to visit a hygienist at similar intervals! A hygienist differs from a dentist in that they specialise in oral hygiene. When you attend a hygienist appointment, you will sit in a similar dentists chair to your other appointment, but the hygienist will take a look around your mouth with a particular focus on cleanliness. They will be able to conduct a scale and polish, which will remove any build up that your own brushing may have missed. When you leave your appointment, your mouth should be plaque and tartar free. If you have problem areas where bacteria seems to be building more quickly, they will be able to tell you what techniques you can carry out in order to reduce build up in the future. They can also provide more practical oral hygiene information, such as what size interdental cleaners are best for the size and shape of gaps between your teeth and which toothpaste will give you the most pearly smile.

Other dental professionals do exist to help with specialist problems. But the two mentioned above are people who we should all check in with at least once a year!